November 07, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

As a Creative Obsessed character I have a passion of many different media forms and project ideas. Here is the full list of things I'm up to.

Bachelor's Degree in Contemporary Music *DONE*
Majoring in songwriting. I graduate in December 2017. Currently working on an academic research project, songwriting portfolio, production management, concert, and theory exams.

YouTube Channel
 Music Videos
Being a singer/songwriter I use my channel to share my latest originals. Yes, this should be the most popular thing I upload but I'm currently working out a way to make better cinematic companions to my demos.

► Lifestyle Videos
When I want a blog post to be more engaging I'm likely to film it rather than type it out. Tutorials, tips and all the fun stuff. 

 Quarterly Goals Series
Every three months I share a list of personal and professional goals plus updates on how I went with them (inspired by Jenna Moreci).

If I'm having a particularly exciting day, or working on a big project you'll get to see behind the scenes with the magic of classic home movie style vlogging.

New Blog Posts
Because this website doesn't get new content by just sitting here. I do want this to be one of your favourite places to find useful life hacks, insight to the life of an artist, lighthearted fun and inspiration.

The Creative Obsessed Podcast
After trying to make a podcast with my goofball boyfriend became discouraging I have been planning a solo program with topic ideas such as learning new skills, tv shows, and the cons to being a creative personality. However production for this show is likely on hold until I graduate from my degree, because I just have to clear my plate for a while.

The Beka Ellen Mailing List
Along with making sure you guys get the latest content straight to your inbox, I'd also love to talk to you one-on-one so if you have questions, requests, ideas or memes for me please do email me;

Untitled Songwriting Ebook
Currently in outline form. Likely on hold until I graduate.

My Perfect Post Planner
Beta version is free to download when you sign-up to the mailing list. There is the idea that I could get it into print or digital workbook form but I have to learn how to do all that right.

Learning French
A bucket list item. I've started with Michel Thomas's Total French series and Doulingo.

My Part Time Job
In retail. Because this actually gives me an income.