March 24, 2019 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

About Rebekah

Enneagram 4 w5 and INTJ
Batchelor of Contemporary Music Songwriting
Married since July 2018
Understanding Dreams & Visions Course by John Paul Jackson

About this website

This is a place for teaching and discussion about spirituality, dreams, the enneagram, logical arguments, and other matters of truth.

Everyone from any walk of life is welcome as long as you are searching for truth. You will run into a lot of biblical ideas here because that is what I draw from to understand the spiritual dimension and truth about people and the world we are really living in and are so blind to. I have found real peace and connection to God through Jesus and I hope for all to find the same.

I hope this blesses you in one way or another, and I'll always be grateful for your questions and comments.

Respected Influences

Carolyn Zaikowski
Donna Lee Howell
Jennifer Howard
Jerome Wagner
Joe Amaral
John Collins
Josh Peck
Racheal Stephens
Ray Comfort
Steven Bancarz
Tim Makie
Torben Sondergaard
Matt Brown
Matt Whitman
Micheal Heizer
Mike Winger


  1. What a beautiful Blog! (I found you via a comment you left on The Spinoff).