August 13, 2018 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

I'm always looking for a solution. A way to understand myself, how to live the life I've been given, what I am feeling, how to master a new skill, a technique for understanding others better, a way around the difficulties that will inevitably pass, and how to communicate my passion and my story to the world.

It's not easy to accept that both in and outside of my white-middle-classed-privilege there are people, everywhere, hurting for all sorts of reasons. But somewhere I have to find peace and a way to make a contribution. Sometimes that's through my relationship with God, and sometimes I share things on the internet through my blog and YouTube channel.

My Name is Rebekah and I am Creative Obsessed. My heart clings to beauty, and the freedom to express oneself. I'm 22 and still learning, growing, and making my path in this life. I grew up wanting to be a pop-star, now we call that 'singer-songwriter' and last year I am finished a Bachelor of Contemporary Music, majoring in songwriting. Because of my obsessive personality and strong emotional responses to the world around me I have struggled with things also being very overwhelming. That's one way I'm not different from any other 4 on the enneagram. I am a creative type, that feels deeply.

My 5 wing makes life is better suited to being project orientated. With things having a beginning and an end. So three and a half years doing the same degree is difficult for me, and breaking the whole thing into chunks is impossible for my mind to manage because the next thing MUST always come next with no time to breath. I have realised I really don't want to be a cookie-cutter musician. I want to write songs, allowing each song to be it's own project.

What I've later gone on to do are things I am actually really proud of but we can get to those in my other posts. I may not be an expert in music or life, but maybe in some areas, I might be on a level up from someone else. I want to share with you what I learn in life, and what makes it worth while for me. I believe in trying to make life easier, more organised, and more fun where it can be, so we can spend more time working on new things. Be it understanding what really causes my to feel certain emotions, a new recipe I'm excited about, or other creative projects I find myself working on.

We all have the power to create the life we want. I want to use that power. And I want to encourage you to create the life you want too.



  1. What a beautiful Blog! (I found you via a comment you left on The Spinoff).