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INTJ Struggles of building a YouTube Channel

*** Here for your understanding of the FF-NI/Te-BP/S(C) Female Type ***

Question 1: What are the steps to getting a new video published?First I’ve got the idea of what the next video is meant to be about because while I’ve been at work I’ve written down enough examples of the thing happening on receipt paper. I’ll have to find all those notes on my bedside table among the other shopping lists and note to self’s and maybe if past self was nice they’ve all been collected without too much trouble.
Next is the notebook stage; the information exists in a notebook that I transferred the list of things to along with some added commentary and examples.
If I want to put in more effort the video script is then written on a pages doc but the last time I did this it was too difficult to use the computer screen as a teleprompter and I was in a mood at the time of filming so it pains me to think I have to do it again. At least that way the script can be reused as a blog post.
Then comes filming which.. …

A Christian Perspective on Personality Type

Welcome to My Perspective, a series about The Objective Personality System which is both a company and research team founded by Dave Powers and his partner Shannon working out of Portland, Oregon USA and its another name for the code that is actually at work within human behaviour giving each of a unique personality depending on the parts that form our natural perspective. It’s what Carl Jung was observing, what Myers and Briggs were seeing parts of, and it’s what you see at work when people just don’t do things the same as you.
With all love and respect, I have a problem with one of Dave’s theories. It’s not a problem in the code just the idea that intuition and logic are functions that separate us from other living things as an evolutionary pathway. Sure that makes sense that your feelings about something are more arbitrary, you could say animalistic, and sensory isn’t particularly hard to process, a lot of animals can understand "that’s hot," "that’s wet," and &q…