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15 Mindblowing Secrets About The Bible

In the last year, since I got baptised, my entire historical and spiritual worldview has been challenged and rebuilt. Some things I had wrong because I hadn't actually thought them through properly. Other things were wrong because my first exposure to the bible was through the child friendly versions in picture books. And other things were off simply because of traditional church teachings that aren't actually found in the scripture if you read it properly.
This is list of some of the things that I finally came to understand that completely reshape how I'm now perceiving God and the story of bible. Let me know in the comments how many of these secrets you already knew and share this article so others can be more prepared before they enter the arena of biblical history and bible study.
#1. When the text reads "the LORD" in capital letters this is really a placeholder for God's actual name.
I found out after I had already grown up in Church that the God we were…