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Do you want Spiritual Growth and Breakthrough?

In the last Month I've be blessed with the opportunity to spend a lot of time with God as I've been alone at home, while I'm trying to hear back from places that want to give me a job. I've been using this time to get the most of it that I can through spiritual growth and by pressing into God and seeking his truth.

The result is that I've been hearing God's voice, experiencing more visions, dreams, manifestations, and otherwise picking up on a lot going on around me in the spiritual realm. I want to share the resources I've been gobbling up and building my faith and understanding of the Lord with.

CHAPTER 1 - TALKING TO GODMy attention was brought onto the spiritual and the plans of the enemy when I picked up a book, back in July, called The Freedom Diaries by Mark Hollaway. He's a New Zealander and came to my church at least a year ago, that's when my dad got a copy of the book. Mark teaches other people to hear from God through writing and typing ou…