The Problem with "God, come into my Life!"

August 19, 2018 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

We follow a God that doesn't need to have permission to love us and be working in our lives. He knows us, he made us, and he will always bless us even if we don't ask for it. And he's always pursuing to be close to us, as long as we let him. That is why miracles can happen when you ask God to do them. The same thing happens when you ask God to come into your life and bless you, and make you a christian. He knows your heart and what it is you are asking for and if you haven't completely acknoleged your sin and confessed to Jesus that you have done things agaist the Father; believing that the sacrifice Jesus who is God's perfect Son, was big enough to pay for the wickedness in your heart ans set you free from sin and death completly- making you a new creation, a perfect child of God... then he's not going to force the holy spirit on you to make you a new creation who has Eternal Life.

I have been in the church my whole life and I have been in the presence of God, and I have had spiritual encounters, and seen God's power at work. But, there are a lot of people in the church who are living just like I was, just quite confused about all this, and never having peace that I was made righteous. I was told that I could choose to be a christian far, far before I understood what that actually meant. There are a lot of lies being shared by people who think they know God, but are not always lead by Jesus' Spirit. So let me explain some truths that have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit now finally living in me.

First of all, there's no such thing as being saved just so that you can go to Heaven when you die. There are not heavens in the sky that you will fly away to. If you got on spaceship to Heaven, with your "I've been saved" ticket, the craft wouldn't ever move; because this world that you live in, work in, hang out with firends in, et cetera, is where the kingdom of heaven is supposed to be. This is the world you were made to live in, and designed to florish in. This is where heaven is to join with earth and have everyone in the presence of God.

Secondly the trinity. The trinity idea has been really confusing for me. Are you unsure about 'who are we actually supposed to worship, God or Jesus? And who is the spirit, if Jesus is God's son and Jesus went back up to heaven after his resurrection, who is here on earth with us now while Heaven is still invisible? (If you believe Jesus and God are far away in a different, far away, universe, then you are believing a lie- God is right here but we cannot connect to him with sin in our hearts.)

While the apostles were all gathered in Jerusalem, at the time of the feast of Pentecost, "Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven (not from the sky, but from the invisible realm of God and Spirit) and filled the whole house where they were sitting... All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit," Acts 2:2 & 4.

So you ask, who is the Holy Spirit? 

Read from John chapter 16
"It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you." John 16:7. What Jesus is talking about is going away in his body, and letting his spirit come back. He was leaving the physical realm of earth and moving into the invisible but still very real and very right here, realm of heaven and spirit. And then he describes what the spirit will do; "he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment," John 16:8. The Spirit is a force of God's good will and Love. He keeps up from testing the boundaries of God's will. There is much freedom to live our own lives the way we'd like to as long as we aren't hurting each other. The spirit convicts us to know God's ways and he teaches us to understand the word of God, the bible.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that Jesus carried around when he was here- the spirit of God living in him. That's how our bodies are a temple. If someone had cleared that up for me a long time ago, I would have been better off. But God is faithful, he never gives up, and I'm finally coming to understand the truth of it.

Okay are we ready for the next point; It's You

You personally, can not be a perfect follower of God. You can't make yourself love God. You can't make yourself good enough to be his disciple. You are an imperfect person, who might be trying really hard, and good for you- do not be discoraged, but is still never going to quite manage any of it on your own. Yes, I'm saying you have always been doomed to make silly choices and even if you were trying to do things God's way, and not to do things your own way, he actually knows you'll have a hard time of it. No matter who you are. That is the human condition. We have evil hearts and we like sinning.

Just look at the Israelites in the old testament; they were supposed to be God's people; the ones who had been given instructions for how to live their best life, without hurting other people. God spoke to them and told them what to do, but this word of mouth kind of leadership doesn't work. That's why there is now Jesus Spirit, sent to do it all with us. Ask yourself now and ask God, are you following him through a word of mouth doctrine, and what you've read in the Bible, or what you've heard at church, and from other sources? If so, you have the same problem as the Israelites, and the Pharisees, and Saul before he met Jesus.

The thing that stops us from doing well at following God is sin. Our sinful self can be easily manipulated by the enemy, and is otherwise very selfish and forgets to love other people; you don't know how to truly love people unless you can get it from the source. The Holy Spirit never lets us forget to love people, and to love God. 

It is good to love the Lord your God. It is good to ask for his presence; you will find this at church around people who have the living God inside them through Holy Spirit. It is good to pray to God. It is good to worship him. It is good to want to do his will. It is good to want his strength. It is good to want to love people as he loves them. It is good to love your self as he loves you. But it is not good to do it alone and it is never going to happen in your own strength.

You can learn a lot from the Church, they will tell you about God and his massive power. They will tell you he loves you and you may here him speaking to you, and do things in your life. He does want to keep you in the church and keep teaching you things through your life, but the idea of this whole Christianity thing is that Christ's spirit has to be living in you. Be-reborn as a new creation who flees from all sin and is full of the love of the Father.

The holy spirit will come to live in us; if we really confess to Jesus all our sin and brokenness and believe that as God's Son he has the power to take it away- Jesus will replace your sinful heart that is inside you with his own heart, and the Eternal Life he was always talking about. It does mean that you have to give up all sin completely or the spirit in you will convict you. This is what we call 'dieing to yourself'. You can't hold on to the old things we wanted . "For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it," Matthew 16:25. And if you are struggling to love God, stumbling to know his will and follow him by yourself and in your own strength, then you have been trying to save yourself.

You will never grow to be perfect like Jesus. You can never learn that. You cannot practice being Jesus just from knowing about how he would behave. You cannot pretend it. You cannot get it from anything in this physical world. It has to be an absolute spiritual transformation of his complete righteousness covering your debt, and giving you a new heart, and new life. You will be a new creation, and live a life like Jesus.

I am 22, and I got baptised on the 9th of July, this year. I don't know the moment holy spirit started truly living in me but I'm struggling now to believe it was before then. Before a couple of weeks ago when I watched on Netflix AD: Kingdom & Empire - The Bible Continues. I know that since childhood I always had a relationship with God; I knew about him, and knew about Jesus and what Jesus did for me on the cross. But the power is in asking Jesus to take your sins away as he died for you- to atone from all the things that make you separate from the Father, and take them away to die with him when he did. Jesus will forgive our sins if we ask him to, he is always willing to help us be closer to the father, and if you are ready to be set free from all sin Jesus will do that for you.

You will be forgiven when you ask Jesus to forgive you- the payment has already been made; but Just following God's ways with your old sinful heart is not becoming a disciple, or accepting the Holy Spirit to make you a new human.

Jesus is the perfect lover of the Father and we cannot fully and most intimately know God without Jesus Spirit. That probably has something to do with the fact that Jesus is actually God's son. Jesus knows God the Father better than anyone else, and he loves God more than anyone else. We are his creation, and he gave us free will to partner with his mission to love and keep building in the world that he made. A big big part of being in partnership with Creator God, is that we have to let our own sinful mission die away. We can not keep living to our own will, and live our own plans for our life. Jesus Spirit helps us love the Father. Know the father, be in the Father's presence, be in the Father's love, and know the Father's will.

Because Jesus is perfect, if his spirit were living in you, you are then perfect when God looks at you, but until then he will still see that you are stumbling in your own strength. The Holy Spirit would help you know what pleases the father and his Spirit would hate doing things that are against the Father's will. The spirit gives us a compulsion to Love. I'm talking about behaving nicely and treating people as God wants us to treat them, as if we were living in his perfect 'Heaven and Earth joined together' kind of world. It is easy to follow God when you are being lead by his Son's own heart.

Jesus showed an example of someone living with the spirit in them. He really had the best manners; he was careful with his words, and he only ever spoke life. You don't usually want to treat people nicely on your own, and typically never with wanting nothing in return, but the spirit does want to love people that way, so the point is to sometimes let him take leadership over what you're currently doing. He fills you more with the love of the Father so you can share it to people, and other times he'll keep you reminded and compelled to love people with the Father's love for people. The counselor will help you want to avoid anything that brings pain- things that are sin are actually quite repulsive and God's own Spirit doesn't want to do anything that goes against his order for things. 

So the problem with "God, come into my life" is that it isn't the final stage of becoming an actual Christian. You might be agreeing with him to keep helping you live out his plan for your life. That is a great step in the direction of following God and loving him and walking with him, and I've renewed this commitment to follow God through out my life, and always figured that I was saved so that I could be in heaven when I die. But we should be bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth now. A walk with God won't be the best it can be until you've taken that step when you give up your own agenda and have Jesus Spirit living in you; that's when you really hit the ground running.

I always thought I could do it. I thought I could be like Jesus, and I'd forgotten who was really stopping me from lieing, steeling, cheating, hating, cursing, and doing anything that was poisonous to my body. I had been made new when I was a little girl but I greived the spirit and stopped feeling close to God, I stopped feeling victorious over sin. I stopped forgiving people because I forgot I was truly forgiven by Jesus and given new life.

With this message I want to encourage people to really look at their story and where you're at so far in your walk with God. Are you stumbling? Jesus doesn't want you to just be forgiven and repent; walking away with no help. He doesn't want to leave you stumbling. My eyes have been opened to see Truth and the Kingdom of Heaven to be joined again with Earth. Now I surly have the spirit of the Lord helping me to see and to understand, there is a difference between following God- loving him in your own strength, and then having Jesus pure heart and eternal love for the father inside you, all the dang time.

Things have switched into gear, and God's work in my life has been snowballing. He has made me a true disciple of Jesus' good news and what he was here to show us, all along, that "the kingdom of heaven is at hand," Matthew 3:2

I mean this all in love, and if your sin judges and condemns you give it up to Jesus. I hope you remember what Jesus did for YOU; where are you really at in your story of finding Jesus? You need to humble yourself before him at the cross. His new life is undeniable and you should bare good fruit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

If you feel distant from God, Jesus is the way to the father's precence through the holy spirit.

Much love xxo

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