My Pinterest Reading List Session #1

October 30, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

My Pinterest board with the name My reading list has been piling up for months. I've finally got some time to read other blogs and soak up their wisdom and I want to let you know what I think. I'm excited to share with you the tips and ideas that I want to highlight and remember while I work through my reading list. #Content.

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"The key thing to remember is that as well as your usual blogging, you should consistently be doing four things:
● promoting your own new blog posts
● promoting old blog posts...
● connecting with other bloggers
● sharing other bloggers’ content."

I agree with this but at the moment I'm thinking but what about approaching sponsors? Writing tweets? Responding to comments?Posting on Facebook? creating other resources? Regular photography? Blogging classes? And what about writing the ebook you should have to sell?
I need to tell my brain to shut up. Those things are making it too hard to enjoy blogging. 

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"One of the most important settings that can help you achieve a brighter image is ISO, which is your camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher your ISO, the more sensitive it is."

I've been wondering how my favourite bloggers and instagramers have such cleanly lit photos. I have known for a while that natural light and white light is going to give the best real life representation of a subject but getting the camera to see more than what you see can be really impactful. I'm definitely going to look into these camera settings before I take any new pictures.

*   *    *

"There's something to be said for enticing visitors by them stumbling upon your freebies page, only to be thwarted by password-protected content at every turn."

- Brilliant Business Moms

I love creating resources, checklists and planners for you guys but would it really make a difference if you had to sign up to get them? I have tried collecting new subscribers through a single free gift before but currently I have all my resources on one page with open access. I want to know what you think, would it be more exciting if that page required a password?

*   *    *

"[Foam boards are] the easiest way to create a clean white background for your photos. The best part? You can pick these up for less than $5 at...your local craft store. These are very light, so you can easily move them around based on where your light source is. You can also use these in different colors to spruce up your pictures."

I suppose a foam board could also be used as a reflector for light too. I live with a big family that has never been naturally tidy, neither are any of the walls painted white so maybe this method of a temporary wall for my photography backdrop would work in my favour.

*   *    *

"Snacking is one of the main causes of unwanted weight gain. Research by the USDA has shown that when we snack we usually add more calories than we need while neglecting to add any nutrients."

This is unfortunate but its a good point to consider. I think many of us have grown up understanding that snacks are tasty carb based foods that don't need to really be good for us. The truth is eating should always benifit our health and we should choose snacks that add nutrients to our bodies. Foods such as a bowl of quinoa salad or satay vegetables, just a couple of my favourite recipes.

*   *    *

So what do you think of this compilation style post? Would you like to see more? Let me know :)


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