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October 01, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

So I might seem early to some people to start thinking about Christmas but the ornaments are quickly going through my till at the department store I work at. Much to my excitement to be working in a winter wonderland, and I've been practicing my gift-wrapping all year, so bring it on. There is however a couple of other things I need to personally take care of in this whole thing so I'm going to let you all in On my calendar.

October 12th

Epic Jam Concert
A course event that I'm opening for, as part of my songwriting paper, and executive producer. If you're in the area do come along. 

October 20th

Final Research Project Due
If any songwriters want to help I need participants to a questionnaire.

October 31st

Fred & Daphne's Halloween Party
I'm on baking the treats, Levi is responsible for decorations.  

November 2nd

Beka & Levi's 3 Year Anniversary
We'll see how co-hosting Halloween party goes, it might be a disaster. Jk.

November 16th

Anual General Meeting
Something my father has taught me as an important part of running a company, get everybody caught up on the affairs, accountant, trusties, advisers et cetera. Then followed by a dinner party with cheese-cake and cheesy quiz about the business included.

November 23rd

Family Thanksgiving
Otherwise known as Turkey Day. No we've not done this before because we're not American but I'll take any excuse for yams and lil' marshmallows.

November 24th

Beka's Greet the Season Party
Radio stations are allowed to start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, therefore in my mind the 24th of November will be the first day of Christmas. This year I will be hosting a Greet the Season party to Celebrate the official beginning of the season either on the day of, or after Putting up the Tree.
This is a nibbles and chatter style party, with important emphasis on drawing Secret Santa's among friends, to deliver at the 'Tis the Season Party later on.
I'm going to write post all about it closer to the date.

December 8th

I will finally be done with my Bachelor's Degree of Contemporary Music. Hopefully. 

December 17th

Christmas Movie Marathon with the Girls
My own friends are going to be in town for a very special wedding so it's an Ideal time to do something together.

December ?

The Christmas Work Do
Everyone has one or two of those to go to with your partner, so I thought it important to put that on the calendar.

December 23rd

'Tis the Season Party
Another party with friends because who can have enough? Be sure to copy and paste that guest list from your Greet the Season Party, or have one of them trade hosting roles. This is the opportunity to bring out your secret Santa's to make a game of it.

December 25th

Final Day of Christmas
Otherwise known as Ham Day. I love to make the extra trip to church to share the day with as many people as possible. There's presents and then dinner in the middle of the day- so crazy!

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