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Final 2017 Quaterly Goals

October 07, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

So here we are in a new quarter with new goals to work towards. But first a time of reflection on how things went for my previous list.

● A video at least every 2 weeks
Did I achieve this goal in my final semester of a degree? Well I could have spent less time on nextfix, that's true, it would have given me the time to film and edit but no I didn't put out 2 videos a week. Momentum dropped off after the first month.

● 1 high quality blog post every week

● Move towards being zero-waste by not accepting single use plastic bags.
Done; New habit established. GOAL ACHIEVED.

● Read 2 books on my own.
I read one on my own and the other I couldn't manage. Editing Made Easy: Secrets of the Professionals by Bruce Kaplan, and Paper Towns by John Green. This goal was basically a fail.

● Attend 3 workshops or social parties
Living in an un popular timezone is really unhelpful, I wanted to make it to the Facebook Community sessions out of the Boos Girl Creative podcast but I am never at home on Thursday at 2pm. I did attend a workshop for business planning but it is not the time to be jumping into anything. This goal was a fail.

● Teach Levi blogging photography. Nope. He's been doing some stuff with his gopro but he's still not a good choice to take pictures of humans.

● Write that songwriting ebook. Na ah. How's about I work on my research project instead.

● Begin the creative obsessed podcast. What?! Did I not say I was busy? Why is this here, it's not happening till next year, if at all.

● Try 1 new method of monetising on my blog. No.

● Post to Insta on the daily. I did for a while. Then I learned that it was so not what I wanted to do, the pressure is unnecessary.

I should have realised before making the goals that this was going to be July. July is when my school work goes up and I should have taken it easy on the quaterly goals.

Podcast, ebook and blogging is aloud to be postponed until I am done with my Degree because I have assignments to focus on. I am not accepting any goals that require attention until my degree is over. So July to September was a massive fail. I'm not happy with that, but I have had some changes in my health and I didn't foresee the assignments making me stressed enough without these goals.

So what I've I got lined up for the next quater?

● Epic Jam - Get through my set having prepared my lyrics well and a miracle.

● Write my Research Report, edit it well, and pass.

● Prepare my 3 minute thesis and pass that too.

● Pass my degree

● Graduate from my degree

● Go to work, don't lose my job.

● Follow through with at least 3 party plans - listed on My Holiday Calendar

● Find my own place to live

● Keep making music after songwriting degree doesn't kill me

● Enjoy the holiday season and don't have a Quarter-Life Crisis.

Wish me luck.


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1 comment:

  1. I loove your blog!, these goals sound great it's an amazing feeling when you finish a book isn't it?. I really want to start listening to podcasts so I might check that one out!.
    Charlie | www.charlieswonderland.co.uk