Newborn Labrador Puppies

May 10, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

On Saturday night new mother Indy gave birth to TEN Labrador puppies. Five black girls, Two blond boys and one blonde little girl, plus a chocolate boy and girl. They're all so sweet and warm, tiny things.

These pictures go from their first day in the world to now, at five days old. And I'll share more when I've edited the video.

Getting a feed has it's many challenges, with two more pups than teats, also you have to be okay with feet in the face and others sitting on you, especially if your at the bottom of the pile.
Despite not being told what to do, Indy has taken very well to motherhood; she doesn't often sit on her babies, counts them regularly and always cleans up after them.

 It can be tiring work tending to them 24/7.

 Did I mention how absolutely adorable they are?!!

 Spooning Goals right there.

 Indy is also very good at sharing cuddle time, but also watches very closely.
 A week from now and they should all have their eyes open, but currently these lil' ones do not mind staying in and snoozing; time for exploring the world will come.

Hoping you enjoy the cuteness,


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