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May 03, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

As a human with normal human emotions I sometimes experience being pissed off. I don't know why but some people, like my mother says that naming said emotion in such a way is fowl. I however don't see it as such; I see it as a word that can be the perfect way to describe how one is feeling, so why not use it?
My understanding of anger is it's an emotion that gets a response of either serious revenge or years or resentment. Being mad is a weaker version of being angry and one will usually stew in their being mad for an hour to a day and then get over it. Then Annoyed is weaker still and then there's ticked-off, and both seem to be momentary, however...
Ticks are very little creatures that live inside of and tickle, or bite one's flesh (I assume; I've never met one). This is how being annoyed by something can be described as being ticked-off because it was a little thing like the sun in one's eyes, or your little brother borrowing your phone charger without asking.
What usually happens to encourage a person to be pissed is multiple ticks in short concession, either one tick happening repeatedly, or a few ticks that take time to pass crossing over in their existence.

I'd like to list a few more of the things that tick me off and tend to have me reach the point of being pissed:
My sisters leaving clothes that aren't mine in my space
Being late to something
Having to yawn while tring to speak
Dogs barking (better described as yelling at me)
Online pop-ups
Clothing not fitting and feeling uncomfortable
My embarrassing squeaky car
Forgetting something
Someone telling me what to do
Autocorrect and autocomplete (my smartphone is actually so stupid)
Talking and talking about something I'm uninterested in and don't understand
Being told that my feeling pissed off is invalid

A few thoughts on the emotion called pissed:
• Often people tell you you're not allowed to be pissed, that there is not enough to have ticked you off that you be pissed off, however those people are just losers who make judgments without truly knowing what you're experiencing.
 In my world there is huge stigma around being pissed off and there is the idea that if you ever experience the emotion; you are a bad person, also losers- whoever makes you feel this way. Your emotions are never wrong, they are simply a direct response to the world around you and it's best to know what those things are that have ticked you off.
 Sometimes the physical actions in response to this emotion can be detrimental to your relationships with those around you so you have to watch out and still make the effort to be considerate. Being pissed can cause you to scream, moan and speak in a grizzling voice, lash out and hit things or throw things, act stroppy, or block out other people and what they have to contribute. If you are not the type of person to cut it out instantly then other people around you have to understand the importance of letting you have some time alone to work it out.
 My advice is to not feel bad that your tolerance to ticks might be lower that other people; we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Instead find somewhere to be alone listen to music or the sound of rain and do something that will take your focus like reading, journaling, playing a game or in my current case writing a blog post.
 Getting pissed can happen more easily around different times of a woman's cycle and other times when you're low on energy, such as when you're hungry or need sleep. So be wary of these things and try to take appropriate action against them. You should have the power to take control over your own life. To combat PMS take a daily magnesium, it's a muscle relaxer and potentially it can help to let those ticks go.

Some notes to those who have a higher tolerance to ticks and have to live with a person who seems to get pissed off unnecessarily:
• Your acting 'all high and mighty' does not help. You need to understand that you're different to other people and anger management is not taught to everybody, and calming down isn't as easy as it sounds.
• When your partner needs space you give it to them to questions asked, and you find something to occupy yourself so you don't continue to bug them; "Leave me alone," does not actually mean "Come annoy me every 5 minutes."
• Sometimes you need to admit you don't know everything and ask them what they need. You can offer to give them a back rub, a snack, some time alone, a hug, et cetera. Acting defensive will only turn them against you, saying "Your behavior is wrong," "Your reaction is stupid," "Take a chill pill," It's not what they need to hear from someone who is meant to support them.

So breathe. You're not alone. We all get pissed off sometimes, and what causes it does not make you weak or strange, we all have our different triggers. And breath again.


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