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My Birthday Wishlist.

January 10, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

It's January, My birthday Month.
Right! Now that the public holidays and best friends' weddings are over it's going to be all about me. And it's a big one, I'm about to be 21. Time to give me that key of life or whatever it is. I'm kidding; I don't really like getting attention from people. But I do like presents. I just though I'd make a few suggestions incase any of you lovely friends and family were stuck for ideas.
Aside from the usual flowers, chocolates, candles, and hand creams you can put your order in for my prezzyies at the places where you can get these (I say that knowing I have an unusual taste and I know how hard it is to score what I'm after, but thanks to the wonderful shipping service shopandbox that doesn't have to be a problem)...

The Curated Closet by Anuschka Ress, because I secretly (not so secretly) need help dressing like an adult. It's a daily struggle because I don't know how to even fill my wardrobe. This book knows what I need.

"For bloggers, By Bloggers." I'm not usually one for reading many magazines but blogosphere looks pretty promising to help me out a lot here in my loving of writing and designing beautiful blog posts.

The HP Sprocket printer. this little thing is the new craze in instant photography. Now there'll be something else to do with my photos.

I know this too is probably not avalible but I still need to put it on my wishlist. The Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle ranges have things I must simply drool over. In particular,
Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set, as depicted, and the Travel Mug & Gloves Set for Warm Hands and a Warm Heart. So if anyone has a friend in the UK or Ireland who could redirect the package, that would be brilliant.

I have a new obsession with assorted mugs. My future home cannot go without a mug for every mood and every season. Preferably be on the look out for any Doctor Who, or Harry Potter designs.

Watercolours :) I've decided on my new creative outlet for the year and it involves these beauties. Also the more fine tip black pens I have the better, they're the best for my multitude of note taking I will have to do in this final year of study.

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