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My 2017 Resolutions?!

January 06, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

2016 was a year of not caring what other people think. Did I do that successfully? I think I did. I'm doing me, as you do you, I did find it's very hard to not care what others think when their comments are the only google notification you get for the day so they tend to stand out but I've not been ignoring my instincts. Though following one's gut is a good idea of a new goal for the year I'm going with something a bit more specific.


Happy is my word for the year. I have spent the last year getting out from what other people what me to do with my life and now I have to have a serious sit down with myself to find out what I want. I know I have a childhood dream of being Hannah Montana bearing down on my shoulders but I've been wondering if that's going to really make me happy, just because I could always sing and apparently I have a knack for songwriting. Writing used to be an idea that would make me so excited, but I suppose I may have lost interest because it's no longer foreign ground for me. Or because I've been dumb and not shared my work with others enough. Or maybe I've suddenly got real, adult things to write songs about rather than make up stories and I actually don't want to share those with anyone. I know I don't have to write about my own issues, and as a commercial writer I can't afford to wait for life to inspire me. Instead I could write really emotional crap about inanimate objects if I wish, and you wouldn't know the difference.

Other smaller resolutions include not forgetting to get my vitamin D one way or another and to really try to post every week. That would be helped so much more if I knew there were people reading and watching via commenting so if you did read this far tell me what makes you happy; If you could do anything with nothing standing in the way what would you want to achieve?


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