17/07/14 Cambridge & York

January 03, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Onwards from Asia, my feet are about to touch British soil...

Leaving Singapore.
Arrived at Hethro 7.30pm / Picked up Rental car / Drove North, to Cambridge / Realised booking was for Cambridge, CANADA! / Found this B'n'B and got to sleep by 1.30am.
 Woke up at 4am because we were still rather jet-lagged.

 I took a selfie with this guy, he liked it a lot and asked me to email a copy to him, the business card I took was later put in a bin with my empty strawberry container :(
My Grandfather, Great Grandfather, and Great-Great Grandfather lived here at Trinity Collage white studying at Cambridge Uni. 

Punting out in the back garden, passing rival collages. 

My dad did not study here, as he took over the farm. Obviously we must pose with the fake sheep because we don't get enough of them back home (while I write this the baa baa maaing is at an anual high). 

I know I bought a ring from this place but it didn't get home with me :( 

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