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21 Things.

I recently turned 21 years old. I'll never understand how that could be true, my brother is only twelve. God, how did that happen?? Anyway considering this is what bloggers do when they reach a milestone, and because I've been working on this list for the last few months; I'm going to share with you twenty-one life lessons I've learned in my 21 years of living.

1. I like pink. That's weather my friend in middle school agrees or not. Pink has an effect on the woman's brain that makes us feel calm and nurturing. Associating pink with girls can be seen as sexist, triggering the extreme, all-men-should-go-to-hell feminists among us to despise the colour pink as it reminds them of their oppression. However, I have finally come to ignore my deluded pal from middle school because it's the science that you can't disagree with if you feel it's true.

2. People's brains work differently. This is one of the main reasons you may not get along with particula…

2016 Review.

I spent some weeks in Christchurch helping out my Grandmother. In this time I discovered blog templates that look less like the sad old blogspot layout and more like an actual website. That's when I decided to focus the year of 2016 to creating content for my blog rather than my YouTube channel. Also finally read Girl Online and loved it- A perfect modern fantasy.

I started back at 'course' for another semester of quavers and lectures, with horrible assignments in-between. O-week was fun with the flashmob and my name being drawn for a return ticket to Australia. Broke up with a friend, "finally too much crazy for me to have the excuse to stay away from her," my journal says. Levi's 21st was a night I wish ended earlier than it did. At least I didn't drive under the influence is all I can say.

The Autumn weather kicks in and it sucks. "I have been feeling crappy since I don't know when. For at least a month I have been constan…