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10 Easy Christmas Gift Ideas.

December 04, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

For those who can't think of anything to wrap up for your girl this year, I'm going to help you out. Here are ten ideas that I can say are hands down great gifts to give this year.

1. Dressing Gown & Ugg Boots Set
Give the gift of comfort. We all need to be encouraged to settle down earlier with the lights down, and what's better than a fluffy robe to get us excited for snuggling in for the night? Ugg boots are just adorable and having the offer of warm feet would be the reason we'd get out of bed in the morning.

2. Music
I'm loving this piece of art right here, and I'm not talking about the photo. Dodie's new EP is brilliant, full of colour and excitement, and again I'm not talking about the album cover. This is only available so far digitally so all you have to do to gift this to someone is work it out through iTunes. Otherwise, Coldplay's new album sounds like a great alternative album to gift someone this year.

3. Bath Kit
This is something you can put together yourself, or there are plenty of care packages in the stores this season. You could even make your own bath bombs. Get together in a box or basket, really what's best is going to be anything waterproof, and add candles, bath salts, bath bombs, oils, petals and A GIANT BOTTLE OF BUBBLE BATH.

4. New Year Planner
It's that time of year when everyone tries again to really get organised. Or it's just time to get a new planner because the last one should be running out. Either way now's perfect to get the prettiest planner for your loved one. My favourite part about this is that you can write your own reminders in for them before you wrap it up. That's how you can be sure to get a call on your own birthday next year.

5. Instant Photography
With this gift idea, we can go multiple directions with the popular FujiFilm Instax Mini camera which actually comes in more styles than you may think, the Neo Classic is particularly sexy but the price makes it a high luxury item. Then there's the new HP Sprocket, or in it's likeness the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photo Printer. The fact that pocket printers are new this year means your loved one probably does not have one yet. All of these products need printing paper to work, and like anything that's where the real cost is if you want to use it a lot. So that's just something to keep in mind. If the person you are gifting to does already have something like this then film is a great stocking filler or alternative to this gift idea.

6. Audible

Did you know you can gift a membership? Great for people still in school having to read long boring books for English class. You can also just buy a single audio book. They're fantastic for long car rides, to the point where I get excited to go on a road trip just to play an audio book.
7. Zoella Beauty
There should be something in here for everyone so their's no way this can go wrong. Unless you don't have a local Superdrug. Unfortunately online the mini fragrances set is sold out at the moment which is very very sad (photo credit: Zoella Beauty Twitter). But there are some products on Feel Unique and they ship free worldwide :)

8. Homewares
Trust me, if they're a girl then pillows, blankets, candles, kitchen things, bathroom things, wall prints and all sorts of holders are an appropriate gift for your loved one.

9. Hogwarts Scarf
So simple yet fabulous and fun, it doesn't even really matter what time of year it is, everyone still loves Harry Potter things. Remember maroon & gold for Gryffindor, green & silver for Slytherin, blue & white (or lighter blue) for Ravenclaw, and yellow & black for Hufflepuff. You can find a scarf online but if you have the time, take this as a push to knit one yourself. You can otherwise just get some yarn and needles and make your friend/loved one do it. It keeps the hands busy while watching tv and this doesn't have to actually have to be related to any book. There are plenty of beautiful colours so find in the craft section to choose from.

10. Encouragement
You know your friend or family member the best, and you know what they're interested in, whether it's photography, music, nutrition or cooking, language, beauty, God, writing... The best thing you can do to encourage them on their way to their goals is to simply let them know you are right there cheering them on. Help to keep them focused, with magazines, books, tools, membership, classes or seminars to keep educating themselves about their topic of choice. Helping them stay on task is so valuable and they will certainly credit you when they release their own big project one day. Remember, friends don't let friends give up :)

I hope this has been helpful. Tell me, what are you hoping to get this Christmas?

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