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Weird Dreams of Celebrities.


There are some weird things that happen when we sleep. I thought it would be amusing to share some stories with you, some funny things that have happened in dreams. I dear you to take inspiration for a short story if you like. You know that's how Twilight started, so you never know what might happen. This is the Celebrity Edition of our Weird Dreams.

Backstage with Demi Lovato, by Rebekah
I was in a backstage area with big red curtains hiding the event I was at, when Demi Lovato came off stage to find me there. I tried to speak to her but obviously not knowing who I was made her skeptical. I just tried to convince her that we would be friends one day, because I would be successful in my music career enough for her to want to know me then. It's a bit of wishful thinking but I thought it was worth a shot. She didn't. And she left. Other people were supportive and I wasn't put off; still sure of my future. But I'll reconsider wh…