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September 07, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

I thought it would be amusing to show you the phones I've had over the years. I took good care of them so there is only a handful, but they each have a story to tell.

[2009] My first brick looked like this. I got it on the Christmas right before my 13th birthday and I was mega excited. I conditioned the battery religiously, making sure it was flat before charging it again; this meant many hours playing a game with an adventurer traveling through different arenas including jungle, ice, and grassy. I had tools to grab blocks closer and freeze the baddies. After learning the easter eggs that let you actually beat the game I was very happy with myself. This phone helped me through my first year of high school, before it went missing from my bedroom along with my iPod nano, right from my book case.

[2010] The next phone I had to buy myself and after a few months of no texts from my friends I finally got myself a Nokia 2500 for $250. When I finally discovered Bluetooth file sharing I was very excited as it meant my bestie Aleisha could give me a copy of the Coodies Shot awareness campaign. Where did she even get that from?? This phone is the one that went off during my algebra exam screaming "Hello? Vrrrrrrr. It's you're phone in your pocket. Vrrrrrr, Vrrrrrr." What later forced me to replace it was the inability to collect conversations. It just drove me crazy. It now sits in my brother's room. I don't know why, I took the sim card out and put it into...

...this thing. [2013] It was $99 and came with me to Europe. I wrote a number of great songs in the notes, and it was the first I text Levi with. I kept a black silicone case on it and in it's last few weeks I left it at the river. I got it back when someone text my mum on it. Then a couple weeks later I was getting a new phone because this one had water damage. Not because it got wet at the river, no; because it went through the wash.

[2015] This $80 hawaii phone is the one that was most short lived as it stayed with me only a year. I text my first landlord with it though. I never worked out how to store music on it though, that was heartbreaking.
[2016] Now I carry this baby with me. I have to say; I don't regret in any way, not waiting to get an iPhone. The screen on this this is great for YouTube and I can do anything else I need to. Sure it's not pink but I can live with it. Unfortunately our phones can detach us from the world around us; I know I use mine as a shield against awkwardness in social situations. You just keep it out in your hand and it looks like you have purpose in your life. I have more to say on this subject but that's for another time. Today, I hope it has been amusing to see the evaluation of cell phones in my first 7 years of using them. I suppose my kids will see this one day and say the J5 is a brick because it doesn't clean my room for me, nor does it automatically call and make appointments with the doctor when it senses that my bodily functions are out of kilter. Haha.

I hope you are having a lovely day whether you're reading this on a phone, computer, or tablet. There is more to come in this world and I know it's easier to face it together, rather than alone.

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  1. Haha ha. I love the this post Beka. It gives us a peek of the evolution of cell phones to smartphones over the years.

    1. Yes, just a peek. Did you know of the conspiracy/fact that touch screen was worked out 20 years ago but they kept us waiting because less operational devises were still selling well, in the meantime? Scandalous. I think though the fashion of the touch screen devices they might have made back then would be rather questionable today though :)