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September 10, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

It's time for another list. For me, it's all about the little things that are what makes up being an adult. Traditionally we move out of home just to start being independent, and well I'm just itching to have my own space, not necessarily with the purpose of growing up, but so I can do these things...

1. leave my sanitary items conveniently in the bathroom. When flatting or boarding you can't do this because it's not your space. I also happen to be the only girl that deals with this stuff anymore so it would be impossible to hide that it's me filling the bin. Except; THERE IS NO BIN, anyway.

2. Make my own hummus. Gabriella [Velvet Ghost] has inspired that dream. Also from watching my mum make it. And aoli. When it comes to these condiments, you can make them the right consistency and flavor for you.

3. Do all my cooking. I just really want to be more in control of what goes into my body. But also I find it so satisfying to sit down to food that I have put love and effort into myself. I don't ever want to get to the day when I agree "any meal you didn't have to cook yourself is good."  I suppose this is something that happens with age, as you get too tired to enjoy it either way.

4. Stock the cupboard with MY favorite cereal. This is one of the reasons I want to live on my own before I get married, because once I do, Levi is going to eat all the cereal, just like my siblings have done before him. It will be mine and I will safely be able to leave it in the kitchen for over a day and the box still be full.

5. Have baths. My reasoning for not doing so in a home with other people is that I have grown up with other people wanting to come in to brush their teeth whenever I'm in the tub. It's so annoying. But if there's nobody else around what's to stop me staying there past the point of turning into a prune?

6. Always leave my filming set-up ready. I just can't deal with taking the lights and tripod and microphone up and down every time I want to film a video for my YouTube channel. TIP; don't film where you sleep, or where other people live and walk around. I haven't even used my proper filming lights before because it'll be too much of a bother. Also, they're American and I need a plug adapter.

7. Eat raw vegetables. It seems that even when your mum knows you don't like soggy broccoli it is impossible to leave some out of the pot for just one person. Even when there are other people in the house that she gets GF bread and lactose-free milk for. 

8. Play music all the time. I'll be singing a lot more when I don't have an audience. Seriously when I think I'm alone I get so loud and belty that my Kitty-Bell gets concerned. She's so precious, I wish I never had to leave her. Anyway, not talking about the cat, I want my own place so I can have my speakers as loud as I want, without complaints.

9. Make the place MINE. Pink and girly, and white like a blogger's dream. You know I haven't got a white surface anywhere outside of a bathroom or dark, dark corner. This does not help when trying to take crisp, inspiring blog photos.

10. Do all the laundry on time. I feel too scared to do it in other places, even in my mum's machine. It just brings on anxiety because 'what if it isn't dry before I need to pack?' - I spent 3 days a week in the city where I study, and the rest of the week at my parents home; blogging, writing songs (that's my major), and telling my cat that she is beautiful.

11. Keep all my clothes in one place. Obviously living in two places does not allow for this. I don't want to start paying full-time rent until my situation changes. I feel that my clothes have no true home because they are always between being stuffed into a draw or duffel bag. When I have my own place I will invest in a pair of actual clothing racks. The makeshift keyboard stand had to be taken down to make room for crap my family didn't want in the living room.

12. So I can be myself. I've realized in the last few years that despite my apparent desire and true love of being in front of people on stage, I don't really like people. I've been hurt a lot when relying on others before and I just want to try looking after myself for a change, without anyone else's opinion or aura in the way.

So there you go. I wonder if there's anybody out there that can relate to any of these things? I'm a dreamer, but I also know how to make things possible.


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