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How Am I Really Feeling?

This is me.

At 20 years old, halfway through a music degree and almost 2 years into my only serious relationship. Everything in my life so far has been a phase because really I'm still working out what works for who I want to be. And when I look at this person I see someone who still hasn't found what they're looking for.

What I have worked out is that I don't know everything. I'm not looking for something to say, I'm just observing the world through my life. It's a latitudinal Study. And I have also come to regret anything I've said in a manner of setting myself in concrete, such as proclaiming to the world that I am going to make it as a singer/songwriter. Sure I've had God given visions of it, and a person who had dedicated their life to the lord for not yet a half hour had miraculous knowledge of me actually being a musician, and also passing on form God that I am going to "be raised beyond the rest." But life between the vision and th…

My Phobias.

There's a few things that we all a fearful of that actually don't have power to hurt us, yet for some of us these fears are in fact hitting our chances of reacting "normally" in social situations. These are my phobias...

The anxiety is real, I cannot be in a room with them. They make loud banging sounds, and horrible squeaky noises. I prefer bunting, and lanterns or paper pompoms.

This is disturbance by patterns. My case is specific to animals and living things i.e. the seeds of kiwi fruit, fish eggs, groups of crustaceans on the shore. Often I'm both intrigued and entierly grossed and freaked out by cat tongues and capsicum seeds.

I recently had a nightmare about having to park on a steep street and I refused to stop there.

I keep dreaming that I have to repeat my last year of high school, at the same time as making my classes at polytech. They are in different places an I can't make the commute in only 10 minut…

Tips for getting through Anxiety.

These are perhaps the same tips as any other blogger would share but I'm really in need of them currently, as I've had a bad few weeks with my anxiety, and I know these work so I should be using them more.
A 'Calm Down' playlist can do absolute wonders. I don't know about everyone else but music has huge effects on my mood and behavior. Sometimes I really just need to put my headphones on for 10 minutes and forget about everything else that's going on. Lauren Aquilina's music goes on that playlist, for sure. Her style of songwriting is very beautiful and controlled.

Being in one place for a long time can become very crippling for your mental health, so get out and get some fresh air, even if it's just for a short walk around the block you'll come back with a better perspective because you know you can step away from your obligations to help yourself first.

The natural behavior of anatomy is that your nose usually has only one nos…