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My September Photo Pack.

September 30, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

● Wrote new songs for my Epic Jam setlist.
● Watched Pete's Dragon and missed all the scenes that my friends were in, so I need to go again.
● Saw Bridget Jones' Baby. Hilarious.
● Made lots of Chia Seed pudding, in many different ways, and finally learned what happens when you blend cashews and water for too long; cashew milk!
● Posted on my blog once for every two days. Pat on the back for me :)
● Discovered aliexpress and put in an order for some cute lil things.
● Culled my clothes, jewellery, books, films, and makeup.
● Refined my wardrobe style to only Black, White, Maroon, Naive, and Light Blue. And finally purchased a real clothing rack for my best pieces.
● Collaborated with Connor O'Brien on both our YouTube channels and had a blast. Those vids will be up soon ;)
● Designed MY PERFECT POST PLANNER. This is a note taking system different from any other blog planner or bullet journal. It's about developing your content to guarantee excellent posts every time. That's my project for October, to share it with you through video and downloadable template.
● And looking back on my September Goals, I have stopped taking the pill. Boy, I am so pleased to not feel sick every night anymore.

So that's what I've been up too. Exploring the idea of minimalism by getting rid of possessions that are only taking up space for no good reason.

I hope you enjoy the photos and share with your blogger friends because you can all use them without needing to refer back to me. But that would be nice, just saying.




How Am I Really Feeling?

September 26, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

This is me.

At 20 years old, halfway through a music degree and almost 2 years into my only serious relationship. Everything in my life so far has been a phase because really I'm still working out what works for who I want to be. And when I look at this person I see someone who still hasn't found what they're looking for.

What I have worked out is that I don't know everything. I'm not looking for something to say, I'm just observing the world through my life. It's a latitudinal Study. And I have also come to regret anything I've said in a manner of setting myself in concrete, such as proclaiming to the world that I am going to make it as a singer/songwriter. Sure I've had God given visions of it, and a person who had dedicated their life to the lord for not yet a half hour had miraculous knowledge of me actually being a musician, and also passing on form God that I am going to "be raised beyond the rest." But life between the vision and them coming into place is still dragging on and I'm really sick of it. I hate being tied down by promises, whether I made them to someone else or myself. I want to open up my future to any possibilities; not just the ones I've already imagined. I need life to surprise me.

I've been disappointed by previous expectations. When I was 2 I thought I was going to have a baby sister. Instead she was still born at 6 months. The next year my brother's life was ended prematurely, at just 5 months like an unfinished masterpiece, or an unsolved murder case. I didn't know it in primary school but the time I was an only child taught me the art of being an introvert, and emotional harmony with other children was almost impossible. Then in Intermediate I learned to label myself as 'weird,' with the one person I was ever best friends with abandoning me when we returned after break. I learned then that people being in your life is only temporary, no matter how much you love them. So when I made new friends I knew I wouldn't be speaking to them after high school. I was never designed to be good at long distance.

It's funny though, the way life works; because until my last year I thought being rejected by the boy I had liked for many months was the worst feeling in the world. In actual fact it was being rejected by the boy I though had been my friend all along which brought me to my darkest day. Combined with pressure of NCEA and winter depression, I had a pretty rotten time in my last year of high school.

So I don't really know why I'm still studying when that depression has only grown and I don't like that I've promised to keep going. Really I want out. But there feels like nothing else to do because I have no money, and I have a boyfriend that I have emotional attachments to. I feel like I'm an anchored, but I don't want to stay in port anymore. And I'm asking if I really want to stick around and just do the damn assignment that I'm avoiding or get out and go somewhere new. Am I really an adult able to take control of their life or am I a slave to time simply passing? Or worse, slave to my lack of dedication, and horror in the face of a tiny research proposal?

I will continue when I'm done wrestling with that bitch presentation.


Post Script; apologies for being crass, I'm obviously not a lot happy, but that's no excuse.


My Phobias.

September 19, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

There's a few things that we all a fearful of that actually don't have power to hurt us, yet for some of us these fears are in fact hitting our chances of reacting "normally" in social situations. These are my phobias...

The anxiety is real, I cannot be in a room with them. They make loud banging sounds, and horrible squeaky noises. I prefer bunting, and lanterns or paper pompoms.

This is disturbance by patterns. My case is specific to animals and living things i.e. the seeds of kiwi fruit, fish eggs, groups of crustaceans on the shore. Often I'm both intrigued and entierly grossed and freaked out by cat tongues and capsicum seeds.

I recently had a nightmare about having to park on a steep street and I refused to stop there.

I keep dreaming that I have to repeat my last year of high school, at the same time as making my classes at polytech. They are in different places an I can't make the commute in only 10 minutes, as I have dreamed I had to do. I did fail year 13, and at the time, considered resisting some classes but I knew I didn't want to go to university so UE wasn't necessary.

Again, something I have had multiple nightmares about; Levi and my mother spring a wedding on me with all the planning to do in less than a day. Sometimes my extended family are already there, sometimes I can't find my camera. More recently I was willing to get married but didn't have intention of us moving in together. Then dream Levi says "oh yea, we'll just do it a couple times a week, and call it a marriage. Like what? Excuse me subconscious, what are you trying to tell me?

I'm going to round this out with something a little more life threatening. I don't want to admit this, as I see it as significant weekness but I really like the ground, a lot more than being up somewhere high. The worst part is, I get something I call "lazy foot." This is probably more commonly known as panic, but my limbs sort of give way and I don't get to have control anymore. Only until recently did I realise this was a fear of mine but, I don't like to be up high. However I usually trust harnesses so this shouldn't apply if I'm abseiling.

So am I crazy, or just weird to have these sorts of fears, What do you think? I don't mind spiders, so long as there's only one. Can you relate to hating balloons? So many people are surprised by that but I am genuinely getting uncomfortable thinking about them.

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Pet Peeves.

September 17, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

I have a number of triggers that make me ticked of, but here's a clear list so you know why I may be annoyed at you.

Having a dead leg. So painful.
Forgetting my ID card, and not being able to get into the building where I study.
When phones auto-complete, badly. With repeated issues. Really we should have stopped developing technology before it did that.
Sleeve slipping into the tap stream.
Phone alarm going off in the cinema. That's just embarrassing really.
When someone tells you what happens in a movie.
Itchy face when your hands are in the dish water.
Itching your face and smudging your makeup.
Having to yawn. It's always when I'm in the middle of speaking. so inconvenient.
Objects making noise while rolling around in the back of the car.
The table being set with the knives and forks the wrong way around.
People who don't indicate.
Chairs being left out.
People thinking I will listen and understand when they speak to me, but I'm watching TV or videos.
Wet hands. I just hate water being unconfined, and wet hands leave a trail of it.
People coming uninvited into your room.
Borrowing my car and leaving it in gear. Cause I leave it in neutral, and will otherwise begin by stalling.
Pronouncing it Nike. It's ny-key
When bf, Levi has left his rubbish or other things in my car.
Clocks that are broken or the wrong time, but no one fixes it.
Poetry. if it's all metaphor, I will scream. So uncomfortable.
When a person is inaudible because of direction.
        Communication skills. If you yell across the house, you have none.

Can you relate to any of these things? We don't always have to be happy, sometimes the world is too much and being annoyed is okay.



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How I Edit My Videos.

September 13, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Hello, it is me, it is Beka...

When I first started out on YouTube with the intentions of being an actual "YouTuber"I wanted to do it the same as everyone else I watched. I thought it was so important to have the catch phrase, the fabulous outfit, and animations. You can see from my videos in 2014 that I was just trying way too hard to be the same as everyone else.

Now I have found out the way 'I' want to do it and I feel so much better, I don't even have to think about it. Nowadays my videos from The Beka Show series (cause I don't have a main channel and a secondary vlogging channel; I use just the one) are all put together with the same easy process that has simply developed into a series of habits. And now I am going to share those secrets with you ;)

I edit with iMovie. It does the trick, I don't think I need Final Cut Pro to make sufficient videos. Plus with the limitations of functions I am forced to be a creative thinker when I want something more than what iMovie can offer. Ultimately I use a MacBook Pro to edit my videos because I utilize Keynote to make graphic titles and moving overlays.

If you're entirely new to editing; fancy words in blod are ones you might want to google or watch the video I've linked for you.

Step 1 is always to create a new movie project and import the footage to a new event. I suggest doing this immediately after filming so you know you have it off your SD card. It can also take a while to process, depending on how much footage you have, so you don't have to be committed to sitting down and editing just yet.

It all then goes into the timeline, and I frame it with blur transitions. I find that working with all of the footage I will know there is nothing I miss out. I know for instance Zoe "Zoella" Sugg, does it the opposite way round. Adding the footage clip by clip from the Event, I find is a too fiddly to select and cut right to the 10th of a second. And I know you can trim your clips later in the timeline, but why do it all twice?

I place in my opening label overlay at the beginning which was made in Filmora. I think the program was $85 NZD and I love the sketch animations and titles and music it comes with.

It needs to be changed to a green screen effect because by default iMovie overlays are cutaways.

The same goes for my social media tags which play during the introduction of the video.

 I used KeyNote and its animations, to make this green screen overlay.

My Endcard which was made with PicMonkey.com goes at the end, and because it's a static image the settings need to be changed from Ken Burns, which is a zoom, to Fit, to get the whole thing in screen. I let this run for 10ish seconds at the end to give people a good chance to click on the annotations to a playlist or my associated website.

Then comes the daunting task of taking out all the bits I don't want. I use the key command ⌘+B (This stands for 'blade'), to cut a clip where the vertical line is sitting. This continues until there is nothing totally embarrassing to see, and the length is down to at least less than 15 min. The shorter the better when you are starting out because people tend to like being able to watch more videos in the same amount of time.

I don't leave my projects in my library once I've exported a video successfully; I move a selection of the footage into an archive collection and delete the rest. The file in saved but I can't keep the rest because my computer's drive isn't big enough to hold everything. Imported footage seems to take up more space and in my opinion, I won't need it all for the future, hence why I save only a little.

And that's pretty much my whole editing process. I don't like to use colour correction over starting with a well-lit set. I don't like to use the stabilize function, rather than filming with a tripod. And worst of all background noise reduction is never necessary for a good YouTuber; that's why I'm not a good YouTuber, I have a very noisy family that can't learn that being in the same room really helps you want to communicate with a person. Instead, there's often a bit of shouting going on. I suggest trying to get your housemates to understand you want quiet to film. Or I'm looking into getting an external microphone.

Please leave any questions you may have in the comments, I'm here to help.



Tips for getting through Anxiety.

September 11, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

These are perhaps the same tips as any other blogger would share but I'm really in need of them currently, as I've had a bad few weeks with my anxiety, and I know these work so I should be using them more.

A 'Calm Down' playlist can do absolute wonders. I don't know about everyone else but music has huge effects on my mood and behavior. Sometimes I really just need to put my headphones on for 10 minutes and forget about everything else that's going on. Lauren Aquilina's music goes on that playlist, for sure. Her style of songwriting is very beautiful and controlled.

Being in one place for a long time can become very crippling for your mental health, so get out and get some fresh air, even if it's just for a short walk around the block you'll come back with a better perspective because you know you can step away from your obligations to help yourself first.

The natural behavior of anatomy is that your nose usually has only one nostril open at a time. Seriously, test it. I have found that using the right side opens up my mind's creativity; it's power to come up with all the bad things that might happen. The left side activates my logical mind; the part that says, "you're being ridiculous, just get out of the car." It is very very difficult to breathe through a closed nostril however so really this method is yet to be perfected.

Write Things Down
All of the things you are worrying about are not that bad when you put them down on paper in a clean list. I find that it helps to get it all out if you give every issue an equal bullet point and list off all the reasons why a situation is potentially harmful. You are allowed to have concerns, but you can't let yourself be consumed with worry. Don't keep it inside your head.

Limit Caffeine
Coffee, and sugar too causes us to be jittery. I know it's beautiful and fantastic, but coffee isn't your friend during a spike in anxiety. Just get some decaf.

This is a prescription-free dietary supplement for muscle tension. You need to take one each day for a while to get the full effect. I use them more during one particular end of my cycle to keep myself calm, as well as everyone else around me.

Keep A Diary
Anxiety can largely focus around events you have to go to and being organized for such. Make sure your friends understand that have to book you directly. It's unfair when plans are changed or last minute, and I have recently discovered you can otherwise block Facebook event requests from particular people. My hope is that if someone does really want you to come they will message you directly, actually telling you about the event, as event notifications can be easily missed. I can not tell you how many times my boyfriend has thought I knew about an event because I was invited on Facebook- clearly if I didn't know I was added, then I didn't know about the event at all.

The tingling sensation that goes down your spine, correlated with bliss and happiness. I'm a fan of audible triggers but it's possible to have this sensation from other things such as loved ones making you a hot drink.

Leave Vibrate Off
I can't stand when my phone vibrates because I don't usually get texts unless Levi wants to me to visit or my mother is asking for something. I go on high alert when my phone buzzes because if it's not either of those things it means I have to plan something with someone through Facebook, check my emails, or otherwise reply. Use a calming tone instead, something to make notifications sound less scary.

God has only good things for me so I know I shouldn't be worrying. Meditating on the word or simply listing off all the things you're worried might happen can lift a burden because He will take it for you. Ask for peace and his hopefulness; He's got plenty to give to you.

If all else fails; paint your room pink. Colour science is real, and can have a large affect over someone's heart rate and mood. Pink is the magic colour for feeling calm. For me it also makes me feel excited and hopeful and happy. I know there are people out there who can be offended by the colour pink, but, women in particular, have a subconscious attraction to it because of the effect it has on our mood. Just embrace it because it's good for you. Doctor's orders.


August Favourites.

September 01, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

This month brought the snow with it, as per usual. The photo above was taken at midday, just so you understand why I'm on a prescription for Vitamin D. The snow was hella deep for a couple days and Levi brought his little sister to my parents house to see it. She later made a 'thank you' card at girl guides, that reads:

[include picture here]

For those of you that haven't clicked; she hasn't. The girlfriend of her brother is my parents blimmin' daughter.

Anyway, I am going to take a deep breath and move on to this months favourites...

*     *     *

Room flip.
I did this at my board home by rotating the bed, and I have bought a few new things for the room. I feel with the bed on one end of the room there is more space in the middle and I like it better being able to see the door from where I sleep. I do a room flip a few times a year. It gives me a new perspective on life that I need. Here are the new things;
Vase $5 - Because I don't have one of my own. In the past, flowers from Levi have stood in an empty chocolate biscuit tin. 
Raspberry Reed Defuser $6 - I'm not allowed to burn candles. frowny face.

Parrot Cushion $12 - Isn't that just the cutiest? The best part about these things is I now have them for all my future homes too.
Graphic throw blanket [SALE] $8 - Snuggling up in this thing makes me feel like a child and a cat and so very very happy. It's amazing.

Rose Canvas Print $15 - Because I need more pink in my life. It's true and I'm not going to deny myself happiness. There's a science behind women liking pink because it calms our anxiety.

Pokemon Go.
Yes, I got sucked in. I'm now at level 22 and my best Pokemon is a 1300cp Rydon.

Ali-A is YouTuber of the month as I have been following his journey on his second channel, along with playing it myself. Also if I was to get a dog I'll be after a cavalier king Charles spaniel like little Eveey.

Orchard Thieves Cider.
A fantastic affordable beverage of my great liking. Comes in Blackberry & Elderberry, Feijoa & Lime, Mandarin & Lime, Peach & Passionfruit, Redberries, and Tropical.

This is a website to download and upload scores in midi format. With Sibeleus 7 on my laptop I don't have to worry about the configuration when I open a score to edit it. I intend next to send it to garageband to mix backing music for future covers.

Heroes is TV show of the month, as I have been continuing from where I left off a number of months ago. What's interesting about the story telling is that it is full of momentary loopholes but I've learned to not be bothered by it. I enjoy that when an episode is left, the next one will start on the same scene with different lines and details in the edit.

Caramel Latte & Salted Caramel Whirl KitKat.
They are both simply incredible. I only really like milky coffee.

My Boyfriend.
Going on 22 months now. I still really need to take my bitch tablets, but I love him to bits. More than anything on this list ♡

*     *     *

This year is really going by wheather I want it to or not. God help me. I'm not really sure how to finish this one. Leave a comment. I do love to hear from you.