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Relationship Advice.

Really in my experience, if you are needing advice because you aren't feeling good in the relationship, if you aren't 100% happy at this current time, then there are some things to work on for sure. Let me tell you, you're not wrong for feeling like there's something wrong. But stop for a moment before you think that the issue is just the whole relationship in general. It could be to do with your way of thinking, and you need to talk to your partner to find out how they see the issue/s.

I'd say the rule of thumb is, if the relationship is 2 months old and in that time you haven't been completely happy with who you feel you can be when you're with this person, then they aren't ever going to optimize your life's happiness. Perhaps it is just bad timing, but you shouldn't go on wasting your efforts.

By the two month stage of my current relationship I was writing songs about him (happy songs) and I had already blurted out the words 'I love you&…