Love Tanya Review.

June 04, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

            Tanya Burr is one of the most happy and down-to-earth people I can think of. And that shining sense of fun and creativity shines through in her autobiography too. The layout is beautifully simple and laid out a lot like a blog, so of course it is very glamourous. Like another book I also wrote a review for (Girl Online), I had felt inclined to purchase the book, both in support for the names I had grown to know so well in the last 3 years, and because of interest. We can't hide that we judge books by their covers and this one was telling me it was something special.



            I didn't know that Love Tanya was really going to be an autobiography. I was just expecting beauty tips. But the childhood stories I found entirely captivating and enlightening. It's nice to cosy up with stories of childhood and nostalgia.

            Of course Tarn has a lot to say about make up and beauty. My favourite actually to do with hair; which is to have it tied up at night to keep it from getting tangled and frizzy.

            I don't really know what to say about the photography but it's beautiful. I could just look at the pictures all day, there is so much detail going on.

            I am a big fan of pastel colours. They are light and bright and *sigh*. 

            You can just imagine Tanya saying it as you read. It's easy to read and understand Tan's stories.

            Places to write your own lists of favourite things and experiences. Personally, at least the first time round, I don't want to spoil the pages with my scrawly handwriting, but I know that this would be so much fun for some people. I could even use some of these for blog post ideas if I want to.

            Simple blog layout is so beautiful. I know really it is a normal book with normal chapters and pages, but I like the idea that it could really be a magazine with lots of different articles, which allows you to read the sections stand-alone.

            The book goes off on a tangent to teach us how to make tasty treats and healthy food choices. I think this in itself is quite like Tanya to be passionate about so many things even though it might seem out of place. I wasn't expecting it but I love that she shares her enjoyments in baking, and again, the pictures are so perfect. Still lots of beautiful colours to look at.

            She makes herself seem really normal, just another human being who makes mistakes and loves life. This book is like a letter to a friend and it's good to be treated like you should be in on the private jokes and secrets.

            You really feel when you read through this beautiful book that she put a lot of work into it, and even though she might not have personally given you a copy I think that what she has put together an amazing gift. I know here so much better and we have shared more journeys together; She by telling her stories and me by passing time on a long bus ride with her words for advice and entertainment.


Thank you Tanya for your book, it is beautiful. Many congratulations for the next one and for other endeavours in the future. Xox,

Love, Beka.

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