10 Reasons Why I Love Zoella.

June 22, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

I know this may seem obsessive and weird as someone who is meant to be an adult, writing a whole post about their love for someone I am never going to know personally. But I don't care. This is not 10 reasons why we love Zoella, or 10 reasons why you should love Zoella. I learned my lesson years ago, that I cannot change people and what they like with any amount of persuasion. So know, it is not my intention to write a universal list here. This is my 10 reasons why I love Zoe Sugg.


            This is something that Zoe touched on in her latest vlog, and it's something that success is seen to distinguish. But I know that Zoe Sugg is a real person, who has had real life experiences and has real emotions. We all see too that she has real passion for what she does. She isn't a character in a TV Show; unlike Miley Stuart her, life is really happening and the events and opportunities are really given to her, and she has completely earned every one of them. Zoe's is not an impossible story. And to take aspirations from her isn't unrealistic. She genuinely loves what she does, and she does what she loves simply because of the joy she receives from that.

            Her stories and laughter encourages me to laugh too, it's as simple as that.

            I don't mean that every time something is going on in her personal life, she lets the world know about it. No one should ever expect that, It's not our business. But in her professional life and in her videos we can trust her opinions. The recommendations she shares for beauty products are genuine. She turns down 90% of offers from PR companies because she is sure of what she wants her channel and blog posts to be about. She wants to share things that are of high quality, and disregards the option of endorsing a product she doesn't believe in for personal gain.
            Also with her own beauty products - They really are worth their price and smell as good as she describes. She wanted something she would be proud of and in fact uses her own products all the time.
            Again she will let her audience in on what is happening in her head, and because of this it benifites me greatly. She said in her latest vlog that she has felt down during these first couple of months in 2016. The truth is I have as well. I can't pin point what the reason for that is but Zoe has assured me that it's okay. It's okay to not feel okay. This is life and these seasons are normal. And because when I have her example to compare with, someone I look up to like a big sister or a friend, I don't believe that it is wrong, or that it makes me a terrible person because I have not been satisfied with what the world has offered.

            Nearly everything she does is for us, her audience. She loves doing it too and It's so good to see people doing what makes them happy, but also she dose care what her audience wants to see, and she loves having our input.

            I have been watching Zoella videos on YouTube for 2 and a half years. And even so I cannot say I was at all one of her original subscribers. That right goes first to the people who read her blog in 2009. The thing about Zoe is that she really hasn't come up over night. She is an example of what can happen if you are consistent and stick to what you're passionate about. She is nearly 26 years old now, her success has been a long journey. She has grown because of the number of people who support her, but in other ways too.
            She has grown as a person. If you watch any of her first videos you will see that since the the beginning, she has gained confidence, knowledge and quality of performance in front of the camera.  Zoe's story of progress teaches that good things come to those who don't just wait but continue on almost forgetting that anything else could be coming, because you need to be occupied by enjoying what you are already doing.

            Zoe's brand is all about finding the best things in life. Colour, fragrances, tastes, and happy emotions.

            Something that is so lovely about many YouTubers that have gained a lot of success is that they stay humble and are grateful for their subscribers. It is true that they wouldn't be anywhere if no one watched their videos. And Zoe is another of those people who are truly happy to have their supporters see how grateful they are. I begun planning to write this many months ago and even though now her channel has over 10 million subscribers, she still finds a way to make sure we are all valued.
            "The only things that are important in this are me and you, and that's it. I make these videos to make people happy. To give them 20 minutes of their day when they don't have to worry about the one thing that's making them feel like s**t. And that's why I watch videos too. That, to me, is way more important than any crappy lazy journalist tabloid- than any other content creator who spuews negativity. That is way more important, that is my main priority. I want to enjoy making videos and I want you guys to enjoy watching them, and that is it." - Zoe Sugg, 13 March 2016.

            Every single day has it's own story. That's what makes life so goo, no day should ever be the same as the last. That is a life I aspire to.

            It's the makeup that does it for me, I would have loved to have someone show me how to use things. 

            I was watching when I was 17 and though today I could say were both in our twenties, there is a difference and she has lived more than me. But watching Zoe's videos has shown me that there is not such a thing a really growing up. Life is better when you just focus on friends and being happy and doing what you love.

I do really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think about YouTubers being considered friends of their audience, is that a right description? How do your thoughts and experiences relate to this?

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  1. I kind of love that YouTubers try to connect to their audiences as friends, and maybe it's naivety but I totally buy it. Especially with someone like Zoe who has been putting herself out there for years, it makes you feel incredibly vulnerable to audiences and you almost have to believe in that friendship-type bond. I also think that many fans reciprocate that and rely on her videos to brighten their day like you would a conversation with a friend. Obviously there is an unhealthy level of obsession, but aside from that, I don't think it's wrong for people to relate to her as an open, kind big sister.

    Stay lovely,
    Corin | All Paths Lead to Wonderland