Songwriting Index 2013.

July 26, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 2 Comments

This is going to be a lot of work to put together but I want to see for myself what a list of all the songs I've written would look like. Obviously this is part 1 of many to come considering I intend to live many more years and continue writing song.

 In the beginning, for the sake of differentiation I always tried to use chords I hadn't before. It's only till recently that I really understood keys and now I'm able to utilise that a bit more. I don't actually have the form, genre and key written down for everything. I'm going to leave working it out to later when I'm better at doing it.

The Road, 2011
Key: F Major      Form: BABCBB     Genre: Pop/Folk

Hamlet Song, 2011
Key: G Major      Form: ABABCBA     Genre: Pop Rock

Superhero, late 2012
Key: G Major      Form: ABABCDC     Genre: Country/Folk

Walking Towards The Gallows, early 2013
Key: G Major      Form: AABAABB     Genre: Country/Folk

This Time, May/June 2013
Key: B minor *modulates to C# minor     Form: ABAB*BCB     Genre: Pop
Initially a collaborative work with a fellow high school student but they contributed nothing.

My Little Girl, June 2013
Key: G Major      Form: ABABBCBB

What Do We Think?, July 2013

Idol, July 2013

Heart Strings, July 2013

Forget Me Not, July 2013

Nephilim, July 2013

No Judgement in Your Eyes, August 2013 Genre: Alternative Rock
A collaboration with Stephanie Powell

Burning, August 2013

Once Upon A Time, August 2013

Pantomime, August 2013

Castle, August 2013

Abused, August 2013

Kings, September 2013

Friend, September 2013

The End, September 2013

Pressure, September 2013

Out Of Time, September 2013

Roses, October 2013

Words, October 2013

Ruined, November 2013

Risk It All, November 2013

Never A Right Time, November 2013

Spider, December 2013

One Day, December 2013
 Form: A(B1)A(B2)A(B3)(B2)(B1)    Genre: Pop

Chances, December 2013

Before the Shouting Begins, December 2013


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