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May 07, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

There feel at this time in my life, that it is not at its most exciting point yet. I want to have a house one day and that is something I look forward to about the future. These are just some of the things I want to put into my house. Yes, I'm only 20, but I'm writing these down now so in some number of years I won't forget any potential new-house-excitements.


           In the hall as you enter the house is an old dresser painted white with a mirror on the wall. It's place to leave your bag and keys while displaying the cutest big block letters B and & and L. This is the home of Beka and Levi.

          I know this isn't an item of such, but it's a wish of mine that I can at least have my Bed room white. It feels cleanest and bright. And it's good for taking blog pictures against.

          You know what I mean; a wall of frames with photos and quotes, in different colours and sizes. So Pinterest. I like clusters of things on the wall, not single and lonely pieces of art.

          I am a big fan of ciders and rosé. I really only like the alcohol that is meant to be sweet. And I know too that letting wine age is very important. Seriously drinking new wine is a bad idea; 3 months and it's alright to open it. So in the meantime I shall need somewhere to put it.

          To keep the air fresh, and to seem nature friendly I have to have the right plans around the house. I love orchids, and peace lilies are apparently hard to kill so that is a good option. Succulents are also a good idea because you can put them in pretty glass homes with all sorts of other lovely things from the garden.

          Very important to create the right aroma because it will effect how the whole room comes together. I already have a healthy obsession with candles, I really just want somewhere to put the ones I have.

7 |  VASES
          Can't forget to grab a couple of those, otherwise where am I going to put the lovely flowers my honey brings home for me?

          Rather than a box to store them in, I'd like a magazine rack to display them on which would encourage me to actually pick them up. However a full rack would take up more space. Alternatively I would like to get a metal basket 

          No one likes to be running late and you can't find your jacket. I can't wait to have my now place so I can put a claim on all of the rooms, but especially the front door where I will stand a coat stand with my coats and hats on it.

          I first actually came across this word with Barbie and The Nutcracker. I have the excuse that I have two little sisters who are a lot younger than me and at the time it was appropriate to join them and watch a movie about a Sugar Plum Princess and a prince trapped in the form of a nutcracker. Tchaikovsky is brilliant though. Anyway I should need some adorable bookends for my shelf. Likely something doctor who related.


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  1. Hey Beka, love the post! I have done a response to you nominating me for the Liebster Award and have answered your questions! Here is the link: http://molchic.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/the-liebster-award.html

    Thank you for nominating me :) xx