the relationship tag.

May 25, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Question 1: If your relationship was a published story would it be a Book, Movie, TV Show or News Paper Article?
Levi: TV Show.

Question 2: What genre best fits your relationship;
                      A) Romantic-Comedy
                      B) Thriller
                      C) Drama
                      D) Horror
                      E) X-Rated
                      F) Shakespeare?
Rebekah: Drama.

Question 3: Would it be a Best-Seller/ Blockbuster Franchise, Moderate sales or nobody except your mum would watch/read it?
Rebekah: Not even I would watch it.
Levi: Yea, I think nobody except my mom.

Question 4: Does your relationship prove or disprove that being mean means they like you?
Rebekah: A bit. I'm mean because I'm comfortable.
Levi: Beka, you're a poo-bum.

Question 5: Is this relationship similar, exactly the same or something completely new to what you expected being in love to be like?
Levi: No [I'm not answering first].
Rebekah: Fine... *sigh*. No It's nothing like I expected.
Levi: The answer is 12... Similar, I guess.

Question 6: Do you find that the two of you prove or disprove that opposites attract?
Rebekah: I think we are really similar.
Levi: We both have noses, yes.

Question 7: Use a face-morph app to see what your children will look like;

Question 8: If your relationship was a superhero comic who would be the damsel in distress?
Levi: You're a big baby, you would need more saving.

Question 9: Which of these shapes best describes your relationship and why?
Levi: Spiky one.
Rebekah: The dragon egg. Because it looks like a dumb rock but there's something magical inside.
Question 10: Who of you is the cat, and who is the dog? There can only be one of each.
Levi: I am the dog, Beka is the cat.
Beka: Yup.

Question 11: If your relationship was a human being how would they get on in The Hunger Games?
Levi: I would win because I am competitive and athletic, and Beka has read all the books.
Rebekah: Really though if it was just me, I would do terribly. I would kill when I had to but I haven't done it before so I just don't know. The arenas are different every time so that would be a significant factor of how well I would do.

Question 12: Do you think, if you have lived in other times, that you met each other in a previous life?
Levi: I've no idea.
Beka: We could have been brother and sister. I know I would have been against him, as in I didn't like him.

I hope you have found this entertaining. I actually wrote this tag myself, the original post is linked here for you to copy the questions to do it all yourself.



5 things different from what i expected.

May 22, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

It turns out that nothing in life happens as you expect it will. You can make plans for yourself but the rest of the world isn't necessarily going to know what they are. Here are 5 things that have been different from what I expected them to be in my life...

I don't actually know what I'm doing now. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music, but this degree is not actually going to get me a job. At lease not on it's own.

I actually don't see them anymore. You never know at the beginning of a relationship how well it will really go or how long it will last. Friendships are a particular type of relationship, and it is no exception to this rule. You can't control what happens to each other and the changes that will occur in their lives.

No haters, but also no connection with audience. I thought I would get a lot of hate comments over the 3ish years I have had videos on youtube, but the internet isn't actually that bad. However there hasn't been lots of comments at all. It turns out that drawing in traffic is half the work.

The work is actually in staying in a good mood. Na, I don't know. I think what I expected of having a boyfriend was it would be easier, that I would still be aloud time to think about myself. But I found someone who doesn't know how to be happy spending their free time on their own. It just just turns out that it's not a part gig at all.

I feel very unstable living in this city. I thought I was going to thrive and be top of the class in this course but instead I feel like I've been squashed like a bug. I didn't think I would be dependent on medication to get through the winter. People say that 19-22ish is a time for self discovery. Seriously I'm over it. I know who I am, and what is different from what I expected is only that I'm not actually feeling like I'm meant to be here anymore.

        The best thing that comes out of all of this I think, is that blogging is also not what I thought it was. When I first started posting here I though being depressing was okay, but I know it's not always fun to read. It never is. I'm still learning about the world and I'm going to care for myself along the way.

What have you discovered to be different from what you expected? Can you relate to any of these things?




what we learned from the bachelor.

May 16, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Recently in this small nation of New Zealand, we saw the end of the second season of The Batchelor. This blog post isn't about reality tv shows in general and how guilty one should be for actually watching them - that might be a different post for later. We'll see as I get through watching the follow-up episode; women tell all, the secrets and the scandal from behind the scenes. Though this whole journey and situation is entirely ridiculous and it's not what happens in real life there may still be some lessons we can take from it.

I do believe in finding someone you could be with for your whole life in such a short time as a few weeks, but to have other people involved getting in the way is really heartbreaking. I defiantly wouldn't want that to be the case. But what we can learn is even when you are in the middle of a reality TV show you still have to continue to put yourself out there.
    Being shy is not how you get noticed. Guy's like a girl who is straight forward. Guys notice a girl who is in his face and if you want him to notice you then be there and be noticeable.

In The Bachelor the support network you have when you want advice about what to wear for a date or how much to really put heart into the relationship, is the other girls dating the guy which is weird. It's not your family and friends. But I think if you put yourself into a pair of heels of the girls in the bachelor mansion you can appreciate how much you like taking your time to get your heart broken, and having your support people to love you and tell you if the guy is really worth it or if they think he's a slob.
       Going into the show there seems to be no need for that support because he's already been deemed as a good guy. Would you rather have a guy chosen for you or have your support system you have from your friends and family who really know you?

"Be prepared for captivity" on of the girls said for future applicants of a show like this. There's no getting out of the house without being on a date. You don't get to call your friends for support or to reminisce about your experience or to see how they are doing out in the real world. It is very glamorous and of course, you are on a tv show being tried to the whole country but that means you can't hide either. It's twisted. Just be happy you aren't stuck in a situation you can't control because of a contract.

I'm talking about The Hit List that dear Naz made up, and it got a lot of attention from the show. Apparently everyone has a hit list. Do you agree with this? Cause I don't. In the real world we have to deal with people we don't like, like co-workers and trolls, but you are in total control of your own actions and why you say. Appreciate those lessons you learned on the playground.

That's just something that Naz said, and I agree with it. You have to do what to can to look after yourself and protect your heart from the world. You can do what you want, when it comes to being happy.

We all understood that cereal dating wasn't allowed once we went back into the real world.
The way that you love is up to you, but thank your stars you have a choice about it.

What you learn from watching the show is that the human heart is actually capable of having feelings for a lot of different people. I agree with this and if I was in a situation like that where I would allow myself to freely let my heart do whatever it wants, I too would find myself a bit confused. I thank my stars that at this stage and maturity of my life, I don't have to deal with that.

And of course, I have to mention the news that came after the show was finished...

"Here they are the happy couple," they said. There is only one couple that comes out of the whole journey. And that isn't even for the benefit of those people finding love. The potential final relationship that comes out of the show is all to grow the tension we feel when we watch the show. If they were allowed to be happy together afterwards then there would be more chance of that relationship working. "We want to just get to know each other" but it has to stay secret, and so what has happen is the final Happy Couple, Jordan and Fleur didn't actually happen at all. He chose her, technically proposed to her, and then they couldn't see each other for a month or so. That's how a relationship dies. They didn't even get to enjoy it together while it was a secret. Jordan has now broken up with Fleur because he didn't have any feelings for her when he saw her again after that big wait and separation. Sad but some people just really can't do long distance, with no communication.

What do you think you can learn from a ridiculous reality tv show like The Bachelor? Do you agree with these points? Tell me in the comments. 
Also please don't forget to follow me, I'm Beka Ellen and I love you for reading. Until next time...



embrosia recipe.

May 12, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

All you need to do to make this fantastic and easy desert is to put your ingredients together in a bowl.

You will need:
To whip 1 cup of Cream
Add 1 cup of Yogurt
Mix in some Berries
Chop in plenty of Marshmallows
and Chocolate too.

Pretty straight forward, as you can see in these pictures, and its such a treat.

Enjoy, lot of love, Beka.


happy couple app review.

May 04, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 16 Comments

Levi an I have been using a relationship quiz app for a month or so now.

It keeps us talking about topics that aren't currently part of our lives. Like what do we think we would be like as parents.

When I started I was confused and didn't know how to use it or where everything was, but I can look back and say I wasn't actually missing anything. Also I like the bright colours :)

You can see where we do best in the different topics as questions are answered correctly. This here shows that we probably have more of a friendship dynamic with our relationship.

It personalises the questions by substitution your partner's name, so you never forget who the question is about :p

And tells you when your partner has played and the results are in...

Sometimes the answers available are quite extreme and there's a lack of medium options.

That's when being able to write your own answer comes in handy.

What would you answer for this question? Can you answer it right for me too?

You can then talk about it after you see the results.

Seeing this always brings a sense of achievement. It means you're still winning at life.

It would come up if you answer this about me.

My Score: 4/5  
Because the levelling up is fun, getting questions wrong encourages talking about it in the comments of the question, but the app can be a little glitchy especially considering that today it won't let me in.

Levi's Score: 3/5
It's fun to do and a good idea but not made perfect.

Tell me what you think of these sorts of relationship apps. Have you used one before?


product empties.

May 01, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 6 Comments

Clean & Clear essential moisturiser
This is oil-free so it loves me in return. I've had to get a new bottle immediately because I can't leave moisturising out of my skin care routine and I don't think it necessary to try another just yet.

RIMMEL London Match Perfection 010 Light Porcelain
This foundation I'll be scraping from the bottle with a long and thin brush until there is really none left. It has great coverage despite not being very thick and it blends it nicely.

REVLON ColourStay Blemish Concealer
I had this in medium and it was great for spot coverage as it's best to have a shade darker than your foundation to hide them rather than make them stand out in the spotlight ;)

RIMMEL London Press powder - 005 silky beige
My first ever powder I ever used to set my foundation and it has done me well the whole way. My makeup has never creased with this on top and it's fixed all my shiny moments too.

MAYBELLINE New York Great Lash
Brownish black is an interesting name for a colour and obviously I'm a big fan on this mascara because it's actually too that are ready for the bin now. They say you should replace it every 3 months anyway and that's because bacteria will make their home in your brush - I know that's not nice but it's the truth.

GARNIeR Skin Naturals Pure Active Intense Charcoal Scrub
I use this in the morning to get rid of all the toxins pushed out during the night. The oiliness does not feel nice, but scrubbing away dead skin with clean bubbles does.

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
For reference, this is how big single Urban Decay eyeshadows are, I know the pictures on their website can be a bit miss leading. But I love this colour so much and it has served me well when I've wanted to feel like a princess with a million peices of glitter down my face.

Top Tip: Mixing glitter eyeshadows with a little moisturiser before you apply it will ensure that the sparkles stay in place. It also makes colours darker and holds eyeshadow where you want it, better.

L'OREAL Paris Lipstick 225 Kerry's Rosewood
It's funny how our opinions can change about a product after time. This still smells of marshmellows, yum yum. But the colour maybe just isn't the best for me any more. I want to find some more of this range though because I like the shimmer and how smooth it feels.

What products have you almost used up?

- xxoBeka