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what we learned from the bachelor.

Recently in this small nation of New Zealand, we saw the end of the second season of The Batchelor. This blog post isn't about reality tv shows in general and how guilty one should be for actually watching them - that might be a different post for later. We'll see as I get through watching the follow-up episode; women tell all, the secrets and the scandal from behind the scenes. Though this whole journey and situation is entirely ridiculous and it's not what happens in real life there may still be some lessons we can take from it.

I do believe in finding someone you could be with for your whole life in such a short time as a few weeks, but to have other people involved getting in the way is really heartbreaking. I defiantly wouldn't want that to be the case. But what we can learn is even when you are in the middle of a reality TV show you still have to continue to put yourself out there.
    Being shy is not how you get noticed. Guy's like a girl…

happy couple app review.

Levi an I have been using a relationship quiz app for a month or so now.

It keeps us talking about topics that aren't currently part of our lives. Like what do we think we would be like as parents.

When I started I was confused and didn't know how to use it or where everything was, but I can look back and say I wasn't actually missing anything. Also I like the bright colours :)

You can see where we do best in the different topics as questions are answered correctly. This here shows that we probably have more of a friendship dynamic with our relationship.

It personalises the questions by substitution your partner's name, so you never forget who the question is about :p

And tells you when your partner has played and the results are in...

Sometimes the answers available are quite extreme and there's a lack of medium options.

That's when being able to write your own answer comes in handy.

What would you answer for this question? Can you answer it right for me too?