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April 29, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 3 Comments

Day Light Saving
I just have to mention this because it's a big problem for me. It's now really really dark super early in the day which means winter is coming and I don't like winter so I'm not excited for this coming change in season. Also in the afternoon when the sun is going down it's so direct, hot and bright even though the weather may have been really cold all day. When this is happening I avoid it like a vampire.

ID Card Holder Saves Lives
I finally put my student ID onto my keys and have never been without it since. I've had days before when I turn up in the morning and right at that moment realise that I cannot get myself inside. Being a music department we have important and expensive yet small enough to walk away with equipment so the automatic lock on the on the basement door is a great idea. It just means you feel like a loser if you forget your ID card.

Sibelius Instalment Means More Songwriting
That's right I finally got the bucks together and installed Sibelius.7 onto my personal computer. This is a digital sheet music writing program that allows you to write, listen to and edit music in scores. This then means I can write more parts for my songs rather than leave them undeveloped as just vocal and piano, or vocal and guitar pieces. It's a lot of fun creating different sounds and polyphonic scores, and sometimes find myself writing scores for hours and hours with sibelius.

YouTube channel of the month: Cereal Time
Charlie and Jimmy have been my educators and entertainers this month with their daily YouTube talkshow. If you haven't had these British cuties make you laugh before you should check the show out.

Movies, Movies, Movies!
This month I went with Levi, my boyfiy, to see The Huntsman; Winter's war and Allegiant.
           Huntsman I would give ✮✮✮✮☆ For being so fantastical. The story is very well done, however the range of peoples the movie keeps up is minimal. Of course that would be different if Kristen Stewart was in it and it were mentioned every once in a while how she was getting on, however she is not and Eric's love for Snow White is also completely disregarded.
           Allegiant gets ✮✮✮✮☆ from me also. It was perfect. It was amazing, but, not giving anything away for those of you who haven't read the book, the most significant point to end on, did not happen.  Really the whole plot of the final movie is exclusive to the films. No one knows what is going to happen is Ascendance, except for the chance of that missing ending to be put in. I will have to see it on the first day or I'm sure someone will spoil it for me. I was on the edge of my seat throughout watching Allegiant, mostly because of the misunderstandings between Tris and Four and the glitches of being a romantic couple in a world of danger, mystery and deception.

I haven't talked about this on my blog before but I have actually been taking anti-depressants for 9 months now. Because it's been so long, naturally I have a dependancy to them and before I could get my latest repeat prescription I went without them for 3 days. Now this is an experience I do not want to even repeat. I was very very dizzy and upset. When your head spins every time you move it's dangerous to drive, and very hard to focus on what's going on around you. I felt so distracted and overwhelmed by my symptoms that it would have been stupid to go to course like that. I did intact miss a formative exam, unfortunately and I hope I have learned my lesson to not let myself run out of medication.

Education: Feminism
I've been educating myself about feminism and watching a lot of videos to work out what is really going on in the world, what perspectives are out there and how can I ready myself to make advised opinion on feminism because I do think it is an important topic to think about but if you want to make any arguments to other people, or just discuss it will depth it's good to know as much as you can.

Stock Photo Discovery
I discovered more beautiful stock photos to use for my blog. The websites will be added to my free resources post so you can check them out too :)

Hooked on ASMR
This is another brilliant discovery that will probably chance my life forever; I found I am sensitive to ASMR. I've always known the feeling of tingles that happen in my head and down my spine, when a friend is extra nice to me, with a complement or doing something for me, and now I have realised that  the sensation is named autonomous sensory meridian responseExcept my news is not only that - There is a community of video creators on YouTube who take advantage of this amazing phenomenon of feeling happy, relaxed and tingly from wishers and attention. There are thousands of ASMR videos of different triggers for you to listen to and give yourself relaxing chills. It's so good right before bed to ensure quick recovery from stress and anxiety once you're asleep, so your body can move on and repair other important things. ASMR feels so good and I recommend trying out some videos to see if any audio triggers work for you. Here is Dodie's, which was first to open up the world of ASMR to me; Take A Moment.

Jahara Hot Chocolate Beats Cadbury's!?
I love hot chocolate. I don't drink tea or coffee, my drink of choice is one with endorphins and sugar. When I was home for mid-semester break my mum had added Jahara hot chocolate mix to the kitchen, rather than the usual cadbury's, and I can tell you this; it's hard to go back. Sahara's makes a sweeter, and thicker concoction as it doesn't even need milk added. I'm sorry old friend Cadbury, but maybe you're just too main-stream.

- xxoBeka

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  1. I wanted to say thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I really appreciate it and you're blog is so nicely set up, it's beautiful!!

    1. You're welcome :D Thanks for coming over, see what you might like ♡

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you had to endure those horrible effects of not taking medicine for three days. It sounds like a horrible experience. I'm glad that you found out about ASMR! And I loved Allegiant as well! It's such an incredible movie :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me