A Letter to YOU, My Dear Reader.

March 07, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

Dear Reader,

You are now my new potential best friend, and if you choose, I will truly love you. That's something I have learned in the last month or so. My blogging has allowed to me find and create friendships with people living all around the world. And it is wonderful. These are creative people like myself who write, analyse, dream, and enjoy photography; like me.

See 2013 was the year I started mass songwriting. 2014 was when I began making a few regrettable youtube videos, and vlogged my trip around Europe (which I still think is the best thing on my channel). 2015 was actually more diary orientated- at least that is the form that the majority of my life's documentation took. Which leaves blogging as the focus for right now. This is mostly because the editing process for videos has become rather daunting; I put too much pressure on myself, and I film a lot of footage to work with. I have moved online platforms, where I would like to form new relationships and friendships with readers and other bloggers. So to help you in getting to know me here I will explain the tornado that is me and my life, and I hope to encourage you to take a leap of faith at the same time.

Actually, I couldn't do the leap of faith myself. I got to the top and it was too wobbly for me to stand. Instead, I tried to climb back down and cried for my mum as I swung 50 feet in the air. That was when I was 12, which means it was 8 years ago. When things get rough, these days, I can think for myself before I ask for help - to the point where that is actually my problem. I hate not understanding. I hate being wrong. I obviously haven't got my head around the idea of being an adult yet. I can live and look like a young adult at least; I can do the cooking, laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping. I would still survive if I was made to do it again. I'm currently boarding which is very comfortable, and I enjoy driving my car to course each day, so long as I don't give too many ways at the intersections. I have too many ways, apparently.

I'll tell strangers anything. It's really good that I don't want to be a famous pop star then because the paparazzi would do well if they ever went undercover to talk to me. Oh wait, no the music thing is what I'm trying to do. I'm studying for a Bachelor of Contemporary Music here in the world's most southern city. And no that's not Dunedin, as was the answer on a recent quiz I heard or watched. False education really bugs me. Almost as much as bad spelling. And I'm sorry if you don't like my typos. I tried Grammarly (that new spell check app) and it screwed up my safari browser by taking away my refresh icon out of my URL bar. So I uninstalled it - I need that refresh button more that perfect grammar in my blog posts. Other things that annoy me are my hair, which I want to have cut again because it's just not making me happy like it should. And also, I don't like people walking slowly while they're in front of me on the street.

Things that don't annoy me are Grey's Anatomy and reading. My goal is to read a couple books each season so I will update you as they come. I like blogging and designing a lot. And my boyfriend Levi is cute. I like my routines as well, but I may have just worked out that it doesn't work to have one specific night routine, I'd do best with a plan for something different each night. i.e. Blog on Monday and Thursday nights, watch my episodes or Tuesday, Read Wednesday etc. I find it hard though living in two different places - every other weekend I visit my family and my cat. I find though that the moving around can feel like visiting Narnia. And there is no way I can do school work when I am in Narnia. Who would??

This is my second year and my major is in Songwriting. And I'm really worried for myself at this time. I haven't been regularly coming out with new songs for a while. I haven't needed it as a creative outlet. I know I'm good at songwriting and it's a valid choice for making into a career, especially if I have further training in it. But I currently don't care much about what my own heart is saying. My heart is fickle and has led me into trouble. Like making me eat chocolate when I shouldn't have. My brain is always very busy and wanting to be productive by creating or learning new things, but I just don't know. I haven't really got anything to write songs about. I'm always up for suggestions so if you have any stories I'd love to turn them into music.

I seem to measure my productivity by how stuck my last song is, into my head. I measure confidence by how well my outfit matches. Stress depends on so many factors that I pretty much life on the higher levels all the time. Success by how early I woke up that day and if I brought my ID card - cause if I don't, like today, I actually can't get into the section of the building where my classes are. And the happiness of my relationship by how many times I bit Levi in the last week. Currently, I love him millions.

Otherwise, I'm the oldest child of 4. I love cats, mini puppies, food, and all sorts of music. I'm really into Instagram, my username is @BekaEllenMusic. Also, if we're going to be friends, here; we should exchange snapchats:

That's all from me now at the moment. I'd love to hear all about you too, either in your own post or email me;

I can't wait to have a fabulous new friendship with you and have fun sharing with you my blogposts and ideas. If you have your own I will be sure to follow in return to keep up with your news too.


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1 comment:

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I love how personal it was, and I didn't notice any grammar issues! Then again, I'm pretty much the worst speller so I may not be the best judge.
    I'll definitely be keeping up with your posts too, and can't wait to see what you write next, whether it's songs or more things here!

    --Corin|All Paths Lead to Wonderland