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February 10, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

♥︎ My copy of Girl Online had been on my bookshelf for a number of months before I found the time to read it. I do wish that I hadn't waited so long to put my nose into it, but it did get some love what when my sister read it first anyway. Though I got to read it when it was the same time of year as the book, so it might have been worth waiting. And I thank my sister too for not spoiling any of the story for me.

♥︎ I can't deny that what I say about Zoe Sugg and her novels, the Girl Online trilogy, could be basis; considering I have a full blown woman crush on her. But as someone who is 20 and loves English, I should also know what I'm sort of supposed to comment on for this amateur review to not be so subjective.

♥︎ I'll also say that I do have an understanding that Zoe's didn't write 100% of Girl Online, but I say that this doesn't make it any less her book. Whoever the ghost writers are this review is for the resulting novel, void of argument over who the author is (and for argument's sake the author is Zoe Sugg).

♥︎ Yes there are a lot of hints throughout the text that made me consider that a first-time novelist would not have written it, but I have not read any of Zoe's other stories so the inciting quotes and sly references to historical, geographical, and current pop culture references could be her own style anyway.

♥︎ For a book that is under 300 pages long I'd say the character development is appropriate. It is in first-person and I think a lot of explaining without assuming that the reader is able to pick up on things on their own is annoying because I like to get on with the story. And that is what is present - room for the reader to fill in any blanks with their own creative expectations of what Penny's world looks like.

♥︎ Secondary characters are not very complex but they have a lot of power in making you feel a certain way. I for one hated a certain character from the start, but that means they are written well because there are villains as well as heroes. Justice cannot be just unless it is deserved. And this time, it was so deserved.

♥︎ The drama at the end was highly enticing, I was very excited, and because of the terror that comes with knowing, as the reader, that there is a miscommunication desire for the all too familiar happy ending kept me reading. This miscommunication that happens is really rather clever because the idea ties in with the character trait that Penny and Noah both like books with a twist at the end. This book is very twisty at the end, and that keeps readers hooked.

♥︎ Even though this book is only the first of three I would say it's still well worth reading on its own. The book concludes well but of course, with potential to be continued. The question can be answered by reading the sequel, Girl Online On Tour, if this potential is really worth spelling out instead of leaving it to our imaginations.

♥︎ Girl Online dives into a number of important topics that this generation deals with. Apart from the love story that the book centers around there is meaningful mentions of moving on to new seasons in life and growing up, anxiety & panic attacks, friends, cyber bullying, sexuality in a slow-to-change society, parents, and having no control of what happens in the world around you.

♥︎ My favorite character is Noah, with his impossible existence it was so good to go along with Penny and let him sweep us both away into a new world. Not that I've at all mentioned this to my real-life monogamous, boyfriend; reading Girl Online allowed me to get away and explore the world through the eyes of someone else. Someone single and/or taking their own adventures. What I'm saying here isn't really that naughty, It's like singing a song about someone else's love, break-up, secrets, and the like, but you are offered more detail and you get to feel the thrill as it happens.

♥︎ Because Penny's best friend is who they are I find it difficult to connect with them because I haven't had that dynamic myself. I am more drawn to the idea of one's life partner being your best friend and making space for them as number one is eventually necessary. However, this mindset shouldn't actually apply to 16-year-olds and the person who is your best friend is right to be jealous of your new lover. I should have made myself realize that earlier and I might have understood where Wiki was coming from.

♥︎ The emotion the characters go through is written to feel real and their experiences have a large impact, in my experience of reading- in the same way as listening to music and feeling what the musician did as they wrote it.

♥︎ Girl Online made me both laugh and cry. It made me have a hopeful wish and it made me see the absolute devastation. Things that are so human. So normal. So average. And the very thing that the doctor says is what makes the human race so significant in this universe of immense size.

♥︎ One negative about this book is the fact that the characters are so well written that those who are antagonists, I have strong negative feelings for. That's really a fault of how sensitive I am and praise for the author in writing people into this world who I can love to hate. And that's okay if it's just a character. I think ;)

♥︎ I give it ✭✭✭✭✭ - 5 stars. Girl Online is a fantastic light-read for teens and young adults, an enticing rollercoaster ride of new experiences and following your heart.

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