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Suffering from empathy.

Sometimes I wish I couldn't feel.

The amount of things that are a big deal to me is more than what other people have.

This means I can't be friends with intense people.

It drains me.

The human heart is very powerful, it can create good, and it can create bad.

I know the difference when I am near a person, and if it's bad I don't feel comfortable.

Being aware of my own sensitivity is something I have had to learn.

Being empathetic means that you take on whatever another person is feeling.

Sometimes you won't even know you are doing it.

I have a certain friend who is often very intense to be around.

And that friendship, for my own health, may have very well come to a close.

She is like a fairy; those creatures are so small they can only feel one emotion at a time.

Only excitement. Or Pain.

Only contentment. Or want to be helpful.

It drives me nuts.

Because I can't be around here without feeling what she is putting out into the world.

There is already enough pain…

A Prayer about Identity

Bless these fingers and these eyes
Bless them that they know new life
Give me strength to hold on tight
I know I need your hand, your might.

Give me hope even through dark
Like a child I wish and ask
As if I know what's right for me
But your design reveals to see,

That with your perfect time and Grace
You care with me in all I face
There is no answer you don't know
No mountain task, no knot of bow

So bless these fingers, bless my eyes
Take me Jesus, be my guide.

On Saturday someone told me that I cannot find who I am in what I do, I should do what it is that I love, because of who I am. My desires are not wrong, they are part of being made in God's image. Blogging, beauty, fashion, design, friendship, teaching, feeling and dreaming is all tied into who I am and I must nurture those things, not put them away in a box, not be ashamed of them.

15 Signs of a Woman's Body Language & What They Mean

Some of these are already proven body language signs and some of these I found by observing my own behaviour. Sometimes I'm the only one to notice but if you look closely you'll see... #1. Suddenly shaking my head without apparent reason, or chomping down my jaw - this happens after having a bad idea or memory of making mistakes and feeling convicted or embarrassed and I've decided it was a very bad idea.

#2. When hungry I often find myself chewing on the inside of my mouth.

#3. Holding my hair over my mouth is to prevent talking before I think of what I should actually say.

#4. Hands rubbing face like a child when they're tired - means tired or sometimes comfortably warm but mostly needing sleep.

#5. Gripping my hair like it's a rope happens when I'm cold.

#6. Eyebrows quickly raised individually, to keep eyes open because I'm so tired. It happens most while driving or reading in bed before knocking off.

#7. Right eyebrow raised and sits for a second mean…