Why I'm Not So Into Dogs

January 24, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

This is a topic that causes a fair bit of unrest between my boyfriend and I. I know we will get a dog in the future but the only problem is I'm pretty sure that if we choose a breed that I like he won't like it and any breed that he likes then I won't be happy. The reasons though that I usually just don't like certain breeds, and that there's not many I would choose to adopt myself are as follows:

Heartbreakingly, they don't stay puppies
They begin to yell at you.
They yell at you in a language you don't understand.
They get things muddy
They have no self-control to not jump into a creek.
They are the symbol of extroversion, and I'm really not an extrovert.
Dogs are a MAN'S best friend, so why should I like them anyway, I'm a girl.
You have to exercise your dog.
You have to feed your dog.
You have to give them attention.
They are too big.
 They are too ugly.

Really the only happy solution is to just foster puppies. Then I would always love them.

I like puppies.

But not dogs.

I'm just sorry, there is no dog that works with my personality.

I took a test to see if this is really true and well... there are none that I like the look of too.
I would feel judged walking down the street with one of these. My dad is a farmer and these aren't cute so they would please no one.

I'm sorry to all dog-lovers out there, and my partner, but this is currently where I stand when it comes to dogs and I won't get a dog if I know I won't always love it and want to spend time with it. Like puppies draw you in and you die inside from their cuteness - I need that attraction to a dog to know I can be trusted with one.

Maybe you can help if you know of any breeds that are always small and snuggly rather than loud.

I hate balloons and I hate barking.

Sorry again for insulting all dog-kind.


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