My Dating Dictionary

January 05, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

What happens in my head is very important for others to know so to clear the air here is my definition for these commonly used words and phrases in my dating life.

YOLO attitude
When I really don't care what might happen, you just don't want to go home early tonight. This will mean a lot of caffeine and regrets the next day. (This isn't so common anymore).

Crush feeling
I have a crush on Zoella and Edward Cullen.

Boyfriend person
What Levi's sister calls him. "Get your boyfriend to stop annoying me."

Girlfriend person
The thing that I am hardly.

Going Out verb
1. We are leaving the house.

Date activity
A pre-planed adventure on the town. Depending on how much is planned we will have fun.

1. activity Trying things out - This is something we skipped. It's always better to leave things unofficial for a couple weeks but instead it took a day to be on FaceBook and I asked to be let out of the deal twice.

2. adjective In a relationship - Just a way to describe what sort of friendship we have.

Love activity
It means seeing the person so that they can know you are still alive and you still care. This is important because these things are easily forgotten.

Mr. Right person
Someone who doesn't exist.

Valentines holiday
A reason to feel guilty that gift giving is not easy when it comes to my partner.

Flirt activity
Involves punching him in the arm.

Really I just hope this made you laugh.


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