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100% introvert.

It should be obvious being a musician, an artist that I prefer my own company to large crowds of people. But this isn't just a preference, I have a seriously crippling lack of ability to do well in social situations. Especially with people I don't know.

I thought I'd explain what it can be like for an introvert in social situations because I know there are some people who are more extroverted out there who could do with understanding us a bit better; and otherwise, this will explain what an introvert is.

▶︎ When I walk into a room with lots of people I am immediately aware of everything that is going on. Like a cat trying to work out "Is it safe to come in, is the dog outside?" or "Have you stopped hoovering? You know I don't like the sound the vacuum cleaner makes".

▶︎ Except when it comes to humans, other people who make you uneasy or you simply have nothing to say to, and the loud mummer of so many different voices is entirely unavoidable. You c…