In 10 Years Time?

December 06, 2015 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

I remember thinking when I was littler that I wanted to have a whole makeup collection, to have written songs, and to find my future husband. Since then I have a whole human face now and all the cosmetics I should need to paint it when ever I should like to, I have written recorded and performed my own songs for other people while on stage, and I have found someone I want to hang out with 24/7 and for the rest of my life because lol. But I can probably go even bigger than that.

Here is 10 expectations and/or silly dreams for the future of my world.

#1 In 10 years I will be soon to turn 30 and I hope I will still think that that is young enough to call young.

#2 I want to have thought somebody something. Given advise or educated someone from what I know of my own valuable experiences.

#3 I feel a bit silly now with this one because I have made YouTube subscriber goals before and they took more time than I expected, but I'm going to put the number 10'000 out there and see what happens.

#4 I want to have a real following for my music. Made up of people who buy, listen to, love and want my music. I will have completed my Bachelor in Contemporary Music in just 2 more years now and I hope that that teaches me that it will not be stupid or difficult, and that it is what I want to do, to tour New Zealand and successfully promote myself as an artist. After that I might look to getting signed. Somewhere in there I will get working on a full debut album and I wish to be able to have real support and significant help to achieve all this. I know I can do a lot on my own and I am a perfectionist so it is hard to let other people have any of the control but this will be an opportunity to see relationships formed and projects built and collaborations with other talented people in a way that will be much more meaningful than if I do it myself.

Where are we? like #7 Of course I would like to be married. There's not much point to any of this without someone to share it with.

#8 I expect then because of all this, the music, touring and a wedding that I will have learned how to budget my money. Or earn enough to not have to worry about it so much.

#9 I'd also like to actually be alive and that I can stay that way even more than just 10 years. I'd like the United Nations to have worked and put into action this idea of talking things out rather than going to war. A lot of the time fighting like this is the same as fighting with siblings because you're envious of their toys.

and #10 I should do something about cooking meals on time. I possibly should do a course on it. I do like cooking and I hate making food that is just simple and containing the basic nutrients. I like to experiment and make things that taste amazing. But I need to be doing this in a way that doesn't make my stomach wait until bed time for dinner.

Oh and also in 10 years I should have my Full Drivers Licence.

Now wish me luck.


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