The Meaning of: City Lights And Fireworks

July 21, 2015 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Getting into a new relationship is always exciting and sometimes it is even more powerful than you expected. The emotions and thoughts that you go through can some times be completely backwards to what might usually happen. In the begging though, it is always hard to be away from that person who makes your heart sing, and without them there to complete your duet the silence is deafening.

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The first time that my boyfriend went away for a while I was optimistic to see what it was like to get some time to myself again. It was exciting for the first couple of day and then after a while I began to notice a horrible tension in my oesophagus. A constant lump in my throat. It really hurt a lot. I found myself laying out all the contents of my purse in search of something I would never find. I tried to dress up nice for someone that would never see it. I understand that notion of 'they took a part of me.'

Essentially I was actually going through withdrawal. The chemicals and drugs that your body releases when you fall in love with someone are quite extreme and I shall probably write about that at a different time but there is also something beyond chemistry that came out of this experience... This song ;-)

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