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Christmas Wishlist 2014

December 08, 2014 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

Christmas is coming up and there are people in my family wanting to know how what would be a suitable gift this year. This is a bit late seeing as it's right around the corner, however my birthday is also coming up soon and otherwise these are the things I've been hoping to find for myself.  I hope reading this will have told you a little about me though :-)

Lace Socks

Really just socks in general because mine keep disappearing. This year, since I have not been wearing a school uniform, I have been given the choice every single day of all the socks in the world and It's almost been a disaster. I do seriously believe in some sort of force that is against me getting all my socks back when I put them through the wash. Be it trolls or brownies or a ball of anti-sock energy that hangs in the top corner of my mother's laundry - I just have no luck with socks. So for christmas this year I want more to loose and ones with lace around the ankle, I haven't had these since I was a little girl. I do believe that I would be loving this style, now, even if they weren't recently back in trend. I think it might be a Beka Ellen thing. I have one pair of boots in particular that I want to wear them with simply because it would be the cutest thing ever.

New Car Stereo

I have recently made the discovery that I can get more thinking done when I'm driving so that has prevented me from really pursuing a new headset for my car, which could now do with a few repairs. I might be grateful that I have been kept safe in the last few weeks as I managed to break it twice but I would rather the exterior of my car show that I am a good driver. So I will refrain from going into tight driveways from now on. When I'm driving though is the best time to listen to music and really indulge in it without distraction- apart from driving, of course. My car needs a new headset. The one I have currently has a cassette player and the radio doesn't get any of the good frequencies, if any. I have tried a cassette adapter but that the out-come was me returning it the next week. Where I live, you have to drive a fair distance to get anywhere good so I would like to listen to music properly along the way. Properly meaning with bass and volume. My iPod alone doesn't do the trick- it needs to be plugged in.

Record Player
Speaking of listening to music properly, I have recently woken a passion for beautiful and aged things when it comes to hearing music. The Beka Ellen style is heavily influenced in retro and vintage items. Which is great for me when those things can be found in opshops. There are new record players being made still today. It has never been said that a CD is better at playing music. I want to indulge to that smother, crisp sound of music on vinyl. And in future I hope to produce an album that I will be so proud of that I believe it is worthy to be available on vinyl.

Filming Lights
I want to take my photography to the next level. And my cinematography as well. In the last few months I was able to produce more videos for my YouTube channel that I am really quite proud of. In fact my tutorial; How to be a Songwriter was awarded second place in a film competition. I know that quality in videos for YouTube really comes from a good idea and presentation of action or topic but it would also be nice to not have to worry about breaking other people's lights as I have been using.

Victoria's Secret BLOSSOMING ROMANCE body mist

As much as I like to try new things I have decided that this is my fragrance. This to me is the fragrance of my first concert. And my boyfriend loves it too. The 250ml bottle of body mist, which is the only product I have tried of this range, makes me not feel bad about using too much at one time. I would assume that because this is a body mist, it's cheaper than the 'perfume' version of it too and it is still quite potent. I ALSO HAVE ON MY LIST SHOWER GEL. It used to be something I would always get from one person or another at Christmas time and I don't buy it for myself it seems. Another of the many things that will probably chance now that I'm getting into living apart from my parents and doing things for myself.

High-healed ankle boots. These I can wear out in the anti-love-yourself, small town culture that I live in. It is sad but when I'm choosing shoes to wear I often change them if I'm not confident enough to make such a bold statement. I have a pair of shiny silver barbie platforms that I only wear very occasionally and my friends have decided that these are actually my hooker-heals. That's the unfortunate world I'm in - If you wear heals you are associated with prostitution. That doesn't really stop me though. Wedges though I do find are more comfortable (the boot kind- the name wedge is just the solid style of the heal and they can come less covering) and can be worn more because they are glamorous yet still casual at the same time.

Camera Acceseries
Now that I have a proper camera and am learning to use it in different ways I also need to be looking after it properly and I am yet to acquire a camera bag. The example I have found I think is simply fantastic. Leather is Beka Ellen. I love retro and vintage. I've said that already but it's just true. I also need SD Cards so I can take all the pictures and footage I want without worrying about running out of space. And lenses. I could do with experimenting first though before making an expensive investment but I have my hopes in for more distance and macro. BekaEllenPhotography has the potential to not only be in association with my YouTube channel and blogging but great music videos and I am hoping to explore the possibilities of freelance photography for news papers and event capture and promotional short films for people. I am a film-maker. This might even be one of my summer jobs.

Lea Michele - LOUDER
This woman has been a huge inspiration to me in preparation for the next few years of my life. Her character Rachel in the television show Glee, I have found, is a great influence in working till your fingers bleed and then to keep going in order to achieve your dreams. I know that I can get into the right mind-set to take on a new study and rehearsal focused lifestyle, when I take on Lea's infections passion for performance and theatre.

Ear Phones & iPod Case

No, I don't have a habit of breaking or loosing my ear phones - Last time in was my brother. I also have an idea that if I get pink ones he won't want to borrow them anymore. Some people don't like this style of ear piece- the first time I tried a friend's and was too scared to actually put it in properly. But noise cancelation is really important to me when I listen to music on my own. I need to go away into my own bubble sometimes. Also I have recently stirred a desire for all thing pretty'n'pink. When I first bought my iPod in March 2013, I was after a pink one. But they didn't have any :( Now I've had the revolutionary idea for a new iPod Case. I defiantly want to stick with a silicon case because I secretly believe that it protects my iPod best. For example, when I drop it the case better absorbs the impact than a plastic case. I debated this with the sales guy when I selected my case and he said there isn't much difference but I'm used to a silicon case now and it wouldn't feel the same.

This is probably not everything I want but I also hope not to be a brat. As I said these are things I'll probably end up getting myself after I've done my christmas shopping for everyone else. See all I really want is Music, Film and to be pretty. Other things that I'm hoping for simply include amazing sunshine, time to relax and chocolate ;-)

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  1. You should check out JoTotes for good camera bags :) I just got one and even though they aren't cheap they have a decent postage rate to NZ which makes a difference.