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Dear Rebekah, You're My Hero

November 25, 2014 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Beka you have no idea what's about to come. You think you know. Your vision is blocked a little bit with obligations that come with growing up, but you're going to get through that. You are my hero. Your music is fantastic and everyone should be listening to it. One day you will work out how to produce it appropriately. Whether that's next year or later. You've snagged the best boyfriend - Don't you forget that. It doesn't mean you don't deserve his love, you can't ever drop you confidence or your dreams. You'll go far. You know that. You are following in Gods plans for your life and the success of your YouTube channel, Performing opportunities and other incredible projects are all included in that. Really you are that gifted, beautiful girl that you wanted to be when you auditioned for x-factor at the beginning of 2013. You can wear red lipstick and have your hair long, holding a guitar like a model. You are genuine and creative. I don't want you to have to worry about the small details, just enjoy them. When you turn around and look at what you have accomplished you'll be amazed. So far you've organised and performed your own concert, you played 3 gigs throughout the year which you learnt a lot from, even if it was only that you really want to be playing without your lyrics in front of you because it means luggage. One day you will be able to perform entire numbers with just a microphone in your hand - you won't even be playing guitar, but enjoy that while you can. You performed over 10 weeks in a row and the weekly concerts during course. You got up to 155 subscribers. You entered a film competition and came 2nd place and that wasn't with the video that now has over 500 views. You vlogged an entire month of traveling in Europe. You also just finished your course and earned a Certificate in Contemporary Music. Your theory skills increased and you learned that you really love the piano. You've written new songs that should be playing 24/7 on the radio. Live your life and enjoy it. Write about the things that are thrown at you; you're a singer/songwriter baby, this is how we do! Flaunt your style and love yourself. You know how to do that the best. And don't forget to get out in the sun. Laugh. Love. Live your best life. And thank God for it all.

I'll be the one defining who I'm gonna be!


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