Setting Myself Some Goals

October 19, 2014 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

'This was first written at the end of June and I didn't want to post it. I have decided now that with there being no true traffic here on my blog I will do whatever I like and I doesn't matter if it is too personal cause after emotion is locked into a piece of writing it shouldn't bother me if people know what I'm thinking'

 ❤ At the beginning of the year my father set me out a list of "Rebekah's Steps to Success." This included getting my licence, writing out a resumé and getting up before 8 o'clock. Every day. The reality is though that when I have no motivation or reason to do something I probably won't do it. So with no need to get a job and no where to go, the CV and licence took a while.

❤ I have; In the light of slowly becoming more mature and grown-up or whatever they expect of us these days- received in the post my first tax refund and electoral enrolment confirmation. Now I have to vote in the general election this September. Now, what the hell does that even mean? With now having achieved my restricted licence I have the ability to legally drive myself around. Though not anyone else and within a certain curfew.

❤ But now I need to set myself some new goals and I'm going to share them here so it seems that there are people to tell me off if I stop trying.

Get a new Electric Acoustic Guitar ✔
Enrol in Music Corse ✔
Get Licence ✔
Get Laptop Fixed ✔
Invent in new laptop a few months later  ✔
Play in Gold Guitars ✔
Make YouTube Videos  ✔(Working Progress)
Release Live EP ✔
Apply for Student loan ✔
Sort out my Living Situation for While Studying ✔
Vlog and Enjoy a Month of European Summer ✔
Catch-Up in School  ✔
50 YouTube Subscribers  ✔
10 Followers for this Blog
Complete Certificate in Contemporary Music
Samstock 2014

A song played on radio
Write my 100th song
1500 YouTube Subscribers
Another EP
A vlog in the studio while recording
A REMIX of my music
Start learning Drums
A Cover and Original video showing I can play ukulele
At least 2 Videos in which I play piano
Complet 1st year of Bachelor of Music

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