Summer 2014 - Life Update

March 30, 2014 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

I'm about to talk a little bit about me now, I hope you don't mind ;-)

I've been thinking that I should try some vlogging on my youtube channel as well as the musical videos that I put up. And I tried to achieve that also but if I do I would also be good to make sure I can have things for you to read as well - because a) I like writing and b) so far my talking to a camera is not all so easy for me to do without looking like a fool. So this here is a rundown of what I've been doing this year.

Because I live in New Zealand and the school year is from Febuary to December I graduated from high school in December 2013. Not that I passed the year - I totally failed every single one of my classes and so the year's biggest achievements were either the total of 37 songs that I wrote in the last 28 weeks or it was that I managed to stay alive through any of it considering the major depression I was suffering from when I had no friends, focus, future or life in general.

Since then I've decided that I will study for a Certificate in Music and Sound Engineering - And though the 20 week course starts in July, I'm going to miss orientation because I won't actually be in the country until August 10 because I'm off to the UK and Europe for a month with my family. Which is defiantly something to look forward to and I'm secretly planning on not coming home from because I will meet Ed Sheeran or Nina Nesbitt and be kidnapped by them to be taught some musical tips and gain some recognition when we collaborate and release a #1 single that, of corse, I will write while using those musical tips and we will be buds forever while I go on to the rest of the world because you will all want to see me in concert so I will have to go on tour and then get to work on my debut album which will also get to #1 and so on and so-forth until I am tired a lot but finally doing what I love for a living ;-)

My best friends Livy and Maddie for some reason have that confidence in me that I will make it big, and so I thank you two beautiful girls from the bottom of my heart because if nobody agreed with my chosen career path then I'll probably be screwed like a cork in a bottle with no fizz. So the rest of you reading this: I love you, and you should just pretend that I'm already famous and tell all your friends, so they can tell all their friends, that it will be a crime if Beka Ellen does not become recognized for her music and other such brilliance. Really there is a difference between being cocky and confident - I am a fan of my own music. Like I can totally relate (Lols, kidding). If you haven't heard my music yet then you can download some samples when you sign up to an emailing list from my website (what I send is only seasonal updates like this one) or you can get my demo EP from featuring Heart Strings which, when I first listened too after it was mixed I thought it was something else entirely because It sounded so good.

So what has happened since Christmas has been pretty interesting - I love not having to go to school.

- My website was put online
- I slept  in a tent in my own front yard and saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire :D
- My family was joined by a Brazilian girl who had come for work experience as part of studying animal sciences. Missing you Carol <3
- My Parents had their 20th Wedding Anniversary
- Worked
- Lead for a week at a children's camp. My love to Kaātje, Keisha, Fiona, Christina, Emily, Shapelle, Seara, Adele, Danielle, Olivia and Madison and Leigh and Tabitha xoxo
- Went to Christchurch with My babes, Mads and Liv, where we celebrated mine and Maddie's birthdays and fell in love with Doctor Who. I remember my birthday as 'the lion day' because when I think about it I have a vision remembering being in the back of a caged truck with a lion standing over me on the top go the cage. We also saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that day and I saw my dad's parents and brother for breakfast. Love to Clair too - Thank you for taking care of us while we were up there.
- Then I went camping with my family for a few days and the shower I had when we finally got back to civilization was simply amazing ;-)
- Back to work and the farm was judged for some national environment awards which we are now in the top 6 for and get to attend a fancy dinner when they announce the winner (fingers crossed).
- Catered for a couple groups of tourists who came to visit (who generously gave contribution to my music career after I played for them) ;-)
- More working
- Over dose of Glee (watched season 2 3 and 4 in a row)
- Bought a new guitar which has been named Indie Rose thanks to my mum (because it is made from indian rosewood) She's a 000MC-15E from SigmaGuitars, for the music nerds out there. I haven't had an electric before and It really sound amazing.
- Planning for this concert which I am involved with...

Here's the poster for it>> 

In March I got heavily back into my songwriting resulting in

Heart  Strings (Reprised)
Always and Forever (a song about Elijah Michaelson)
Wondrous Life (a worship song)
Needle In a Haystack (played on the piano)
Thank You My Sweet (
Be a Man (about the life of Harry Potter)
Enough (I will be)
The world doesn't end tonight (this has been my phase of writing of my supposed music career and the beginning of a lot of hard work and struggling with being turned away when I am yet to really do anything)
Every Cloud (I really like this one - I was trying to push more into the indie rock genre)
Edward Cullen (I finished reading New Moon for what might be the 6th time yesterday)

And This one>>

In reality even though I'm 18 now I feel even more like a baby because I'm still living at home and have yet to pass my driving test but things a progressing slowly.

More to come; such as the concert - hopefully I will be able to get it filmed for you so maybe you should subscribe to my youtube channel so you get to see that, as well as up coming vids and songs. Please please please if you have read this far through this blog give yourself a pat on the back and comment below to tell me what you think. You could even send me an email if you want to give feedback to any of my music or to ask about whatever you should want to ask me - Please however, remember if you are going to be critical 'I am a real person, with feelings'. And one day I will track you down and make you regret anything uncool you might say. lol. 

Also please follow me on twitter, Facebook and instagram and I even have a tumbler if you want to follow that too. It means the world to get your feedback so please don't be shy :-)

xoxo Beka

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