Research Project; Songwriters and Writer's Block

Are Songwriters Immune to Writer’s Block? Diagnosed with Professional Creativity.
Rebekah E. Tripp, 2017 


This study measured the phenomenon of physiological writer’s block among professional and recreational songwriters in the attempt to detect a trend in its occurrence at different stages of the songwriters’ progression of skill mastery. Writer’s block is "defined as a distinctly uncomfortable inability to write" (Huston, 1998, P. 93), it is when the mind is blank of thought when a person attempts to create an original work. This study makes attempt at defining what is the type or types of ideas that songwriter’s are looking to form when they face writer’s block, which would better allow the songwriter to know how to find it. This research is intended to make ideas easier to discover. The data provided by 22 survey participants was used to determine this, as well as to discover if more education is generally necessary for songwriters to combat writer’s block, and whether such combat should be foundational prevention or a short-term solution. This paper makes note of other key studies including Rideout, 2014 Creativity and Songwriting, Huston, 1998 Resolving Writer’s Block and Flaherty, 2004 The Midnight Disease. Through analysis and discussion of the data provided by a survey and research drawn from other sources, Tripp concludes that writer’s block is inevitable as a hobbyist songwriter or professional songwriter. There are no particular conditions that prevent writer’s block entierly, but there are things one can do to reduce it’s liklihood. After certain stages in a songwriter's educational progression and professional growth creative blocks do decrease significantly due to practice and education.

Keywords: songwriting, writer’s block, creative blocks, prevention, optimal conditions for creativity and original thinking

My Christmas / Birthday Wishlist

A wishlist for a 20 something year-old.

Secrets for The Mad by Dodie Clark
Dodie has been a huge inspiration for me over the last couple of years through music and being more comfortable speaking about my mental health issues. This is her autobiography that she released this year, in 2017, and I would very much like to read it.

Light Blue Oxford Shirt
I don't like wearing printed fabrics or novelty T-shirts but an oxford shirt is something that is missing from my capsule wardrobe.

Real Leather Watch
Ultimately it would just be really nice to have the strap replaced on the watch that I already have. It's very warn as faux leather tends to do after being warn every day for a year.

White Ribbed Office Chair
If you know me at all you'll know I spend a lot of time at the computer and it can get uncomfortable. I've been on the look out for the right office chair and I found this one from DickSmith that I like a lot.

all that she can see By Carrie Hope Fletcher
My fiction choice of the season. I was going to hold this one back until the audiobook has been recorded but I think it should be light enough to get through on my own. I really appreciate Carrie's writing because she write's what she wants to like a true author. She might have started out on YouTube but she doesn't bother with writing series to get more money from a story that should have closed in the first book.

reputation by Taylor Swift (ON VINYL)
I have a record player and no new records, nothing from this century. This would be a true luxury item to have in my collection.

Wild Orchid by Beyonce
Fresh, beautiful, clean, sweet. I can't get this perfume off my mind, I almost need it. This is probably how a bride might smell.

Amethyst Crystal
For me this is a symbol of maturity. I have my heart set on a big piece of amethyst to be the centrepiece of my living-room to remind me that even things that are rough can still be beautiful.

Honestly I should want for nothing but a visit to my dentist. Poor teeth. Tell me, what would you like to receive this Christmas?


What is the Bible? | In a nutshell

What is the bible? First I'll tell you some things that it isn't; It's not a rule book for getting into Heaven; It's not full of freaky predictions about the future; It's not written by God; and It's not hard to read.

Why isn't is a rule-book for getting to heaven?
It doesn't tell us to  focus on the time that we die. It's a guide to living life so that you can be close to God and understand who he is in the now. Those "rules" are simply guidelines to live the best life possible. To fill each day with happiness and purpose.

Why isn't it full of freaky predictions about the future?
I'm going to get real with you, and this is the actual freaky part that you might think I'm crazy for saying. God's got an enemy that wants to hurt him by hurting his friends. Those friends are you and me and this enemy doesn't want us being close to God and living our best life. Anything that you've heard of a future of bad things happening has actually been twisted to scare you, and actually there are other explanations for what those "predictions" actually are.

Why isn't it written by God?
Firstly, how could that be physically possible? True he could have told someone what to write but I have another point I want to make. Being an author of books is something certain people do all the time, and they don't need God to tell them what to write to make it good or true. A lot of people through out history thought certain things were worth writing down and God's only part in that was making sure that when other people read it, with his help, they can understand it. 

Why isn't it hard to read?
Those original author's, around 40 different people from different time periods and languages, have been lucky enough for their works to keep getting printed today because of two things:
First it's been translated for us, thank you to the linguists who translated it, and to the people who's job it is to check those translations - you guy's are awesome.
And second, as I mentioned before, God helps us to understand the literal speaking to the metaphors, the parables, and the emotional poetry. That is, if we ask for his help.

So what is the Bible then?
If It's not these things then what is really going on in those pages?
It's a story. And the short version, in a nutshell, is something like this, #Spoilers...

There was a man called Israel who had 12 sons and they went to live in Egypt.
As their family grew through the generations the pharaoh thought they might end up taking over, so he had them enslaved and forced them to work for the Egyptians.
They were made to work inhumanly long days of hard labor, and other wise treated like animals; used as sport.
God loved these people, these slaves, and he wanted to be with them.
After 400 years they finally escaped.
God gave them a place to settle down and they named the land after their ancestor Israel.
The Israelites didn’t know how they should live; they only knew how to be slaves, and they were so used to the horrible things the Egyptians made them do.
As they established their own nation God told them how to set themselves apart as great people.
He gave them the law that would help them to be close to God and live their best lives; looking after each other and growing a strong army, and with places for learning.
And the Israelites did become strong and took over even more land while they kept God in their heart.
But eventually they got sucked into how neighbouring cultures lived and they though it'd be cool to do the same. They stopped being close to God, and this was disappointing for God. 
He made prophets be born among them who would remind the people of their laws and how to be close to God, living their best life.
The first prophet was Isaiah who said ‘God doesn’t want you to worship and obsess over other people's gods and idols’
The people listened to Isaiah and reconnected with God, but when you're human it's hard not to give in to what seems exciting and tempting.
Another prophet was Jeremiah who warned the people to look after each other or they would be blindsided and taken back to Egypt to be slaves again.
They listened to Jeremiah for a little while but God had to send yet another prophet.
Ezekiel tried to inspire the people to live in a way that made God happy, but this time the people didn’t listen and they were attacked and captured, made to be slaves in Babylon.
When the Israelites were in Babylon, the prophet Daniel grew up to help the people get back to their own land.
God spoke to the people with what he told the prophets and there were twelve more who helped them to understand how to be close to God.
God knew he was going to send someone else to truly fix their hearts and help them to truly understand who God was, and that he loved them.
The prophets told the people that this man would be the Messiah. He would be their king and he would help them to know God’s love.
Then God went quiet for another 400 years.
Some took the responsibility to keep teaching the law for living to be a great people to the next generations but it ended up very confused and it almost lost it's meaning. 
While the Israelites were waiting for the Messiah to be born another nation came and took over Israel. That was Rome and they were forced to pay steep tax to the emperor.
Finally God sent that special king that everyone was excited to meet. The Messiah was God’s son, Jesus.
Jesus grew up among the people to be a rabbi, a teacher of God’s law.
When he was 12 the Israelites could already tell that he was special because he knew God very well, and when Jesus was 30 he finished studying and started telling the people how to be close to God.
Jesus knew Israel’s long and tragic history and he was had a plan to fix things. The others were expecting that he was going to set Israel free of the Roman rule, but he knew it was more important to help them on a personal level.
Many people listened to Jesus and his true interpretation of the law and their lives were changed forever. The people came to understand that they had confused God’s laws into being oppressive rules. 
They liked hearing Jesus’ teaching so much that they followed him as he traveled through the country to hear more, but other teachers of God’s Law didn’t want the Israelites to listen to Jesus.
They said Jesus was telling the law all wrong. They had the law so mixed up that they didn’t know God’s love. They hated Jesus for saying other people who were not Israelites could be included to know God’s love and they especially hated Jesus for saying that God was his father.
They didn’t believe that Jesus could be the Messiah and they started to hate him and tried to get rid of him. They arrested Jesus, hung him on a cross and laughed. They said to the people this man is not really your King. Look, we can just kill him and God isn't going to stop us.
But God's plan was still at work. Jesus already knew he had to die as part of the plan. Jesus was so special that he was able to help the people to be close to God forever on a spiritual level.
When Jesus was on that cross he took all of the shit, all our stupid decisions, all the wrong things we've ever thought or said, all the things that locks God out of our life...and he took it with him when he died.
He went to a place where he could leave all that stuff and burry it like it never even happened. Jesus is the one that has all that on his sentence, and he wanted to do it so the people could be close to God.
Then Jesus came back to the people and told them what he had done. He showed them what had been done for them; that God loves you and now nothing can stop you from being close to him ever again.

The people thanked Jesus for his sacrifice and they went to tell all the people of the world.

☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓ ☓

So aside from a bit more appendix to start with, obviously a lot more filler content, and an epilogue, this is the important bit that you should understand. This is why people today are christians, cause they know they're one of those broken, confused, human people that can't do anything to save their own souls. But thankfully, despite our brokenness, despite our stupid decisions, and despite our total and utter humanness, Jesus has paid it all off in full. Just cause he loves you, not for anything else, not because of anymore of the law. God simply wants you to accept this gift and ask him to help you live your best life.

That is the bible in a nutshell.

So I'd love to keep talking about this, and if you have any questions lets chat in the comments.

Bible Study Roundup

In A Nutshell

What is the Bible? I give you the short version of it.

I had some things wrong

I wasted a lot of time with these ideas and fears.

Flip-through my Study Journal [VIDEO]

My own note-taking system.

Q & A

leave any questions about the bible or Christianity here.

Asking Questions as You Read

How to read the bible - Part 1

Lectio Divina

How to read the bible - Part 2

30 Blog Post Ideas on My Bucket-List

Here's some ideas that I've had for post ideas that might be coming in the future. If any suit I don't mind if you use them. I also have for you The Blogger's Bucket-List. As bloggers there are certain things we like to do to keep it interesting, not just writing posts but making amazing content for sharing with our readers.



☆ Songwriting Tutorial
Because that's what I do.

☆ Film Review
I LOVE movies, so why not.

☆ An Interview with someone cool
Show of hands?

☆ Story Time
 Boy! did I do some weird stuff in high school.

☆ How the heck did I get through a degree?
Still in research mode for another year and a half.

☆ Create Something useful and downloadable
I love when other people have free stuff so I want to give back. Also, I love being creative so this might be my thing too.

☆ A Daily Thought Log Entry
That would be funny.

☆ Any Collaboration
Seriously, hit me up, I'm looking for blog partners to share this with.

☆ Best Photography Pieces
I already have hundreds of pictures that should be shared, of an up and coming model so...*buffs nails on shift*.

☆ Share My Recording Experiences

☆ Advise Piece
I'd love if you send me your queries and Qs.

☆ My CV
I've never gotten round to it so if I do it here first well that's progress.

☆ My Life Story
Since I've moved on from making YouTube videos I doubt I'll really do an 'I draw my life.'

☆ My YouTube Experience
Why I don't upload much anymore.

☆ Full On Q&A
I do need questions for that too. What do you think I should tell you? What do you want to know?

☆ A Love Letter to my Readers
Because I think you are really very special.

☆ Create a Quiz
Everyone thinks quizzes are fun right?

☆ What's In My Bag?
With a twist, obviously.

☆ My Old Diary
Have you got any of your own tucked away somewhere?

☆ Order Delivery
When something comes in the mail it's so exciting I just want to share the news with everyone.

☆ A Perfect Day
Without failures in your routine, what would happen in an ideal day?

☆ My Pet Peeves
Because I've got plenty. What are yours?

☆ Moving Out of Home
My flatting and boarding experiences.

☆ Hauls
These posts are easy to write and I love them so much.

☆ HOW TO: Be an Adult
I'll wait a while for this one, or else people might get hurt.

☆ Try To Go Vegetarian
Last week I managed a day of being vegetarian, so this would be interesting to do for the experience.

☆ Playlist of my Life
I've had the draft of this for 2 years.

☆ If I was a teacher
What would you teach? What lessons do you think are missing from the curriculum?

☆ What it's like being me.
Does anyone really know what's going on?

So there are many posts that you can look out for in the future. It's amazing that with the internet we can both share helpful information with each other and document our lives as well.
I'm not saying you can expect these posts to all be published next week, but I'm excited so I hope you are too.


Winter Favourites [VIDEO]

Recommendations & Reviews. I share the things I've been enjoying recently. Not sponsored.

Comment if you'd like to see a flip-through video of my notebooks.

Monthly Favourites PDF

Tessa Violet - Dream
Tessa Violet - Haze
Andrew Belle - Dive Deep
Off Bloom - Love To Hate It
Editing Made Easy - Bruce Kaplan
The 100
Good Mythical Morning S12E03
Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson
The Sims 3
Total French - Michel Thomas

What makes bad dialogue?

I recently posted some tips for writer's to improve their dialogue but I also want to dive deeper into what you guys who read and watch conversations and characters talking. I would love your help in getting to know what else makes great writing and not so great writing.

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My Pinterest Reading List Session #1

My Pinterest board with the name My reading list has been piling up for months. I've finally got some time to read other blogs and soak up their wisdom and I want to let you know what I think. I'm excited to share with you the tips and ideas that I want to highlight and remember while I work through my reading list. #Content.

*  *  *
"The key thing to remember is that as well as your usual blogging, you should consistently be doing four things:
● promoting your own new blog posts
● promoting old blog posts...
● connecting with other bloggers
● sharing other bloggers’ content."

I agree with this but at the moment I'm thinking but what about approaching sponsors? Writing tweets? Responding to comments?Posting on Facebook? creating other resources? Regular photography? Blogging classes? And what about writing the ebook you should have to sell?
I need to tell my brain to shut up. Those things are making it too hard to enjoy blogging. 

*   *    *

"One of the most important settings that can help you achieve a brighter image is ISO, which is your camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher your ISO, the more sensitive it is."

I've been wondering how my favourite bloggers and instagramers have such cleanly lit photos. I have known for a while that natural light and white light is going to give the best real life representation of a subject but getting the camera to see more than what you see can be really impactful. I'm definitely going to look into these camera settings before I take any new pictures.

*   *    *

"There's something to be said for enticing visitors by them stumbling upon your freebies page, only to be thwarted by password-protected content at every turn."

- Brilliant Business Moms

I love creating resources, checklists and planners for you guys but would it really make a difference if you had to sign up to get them? I have tried collecting new subscribers through a single free gift before but currently I have all my resources on one page with open access. I want to know what you think, would it be more exciting if that page required a password?

*   *    *

"[Foam boards are] the easiest way to create a clean white background for your photos. The best part? You can pick these up for less than $5 at...your local craft store. These are very light, so you can easily move them around based on where your light source is. You can also use these in different colors to spruce up your pictures."

I suppose a foam board could also be used as a reflector for light too. I live with a big family that has never been naturally tidy, neither are any of the walls painted white so maybe this method of a temporary wall for my photography backdrop would work in my favour.

*   *    *

"Snacking is one of the main causes of unwanted weight gain. Research by the USDA has shown that when we snack we usually add more calories than we need while neglecting to add any nutrients."

This is unfortunate but its a good point to consider. I think many of us have grown up understanding that snacks are tasty carb based foods that don't need to really be good for us. The truth is eating should always benifit our health and we should choose snacks that add nutrients to our bodies. Foods such as a bowl of quinoa salad or satay vegetables, just a couple of my favourite recipes.

*   *    *

So what do you think of this compilation style post? Would you like to see more? Let me know :)


Final 2017 Quaterly Goals

So here we are in a new quarter with new goals to work towards. But first a time of reflection on how things went for my previous list.

● A video at least every 2 weeks
Did I achieve this goal in my final semester of a degree? Well I could have spent less time on nextfix, that's true, it would have given me the time to film and edit but no I didn't put out 2 videos a week. Momentum dropped off after the first month.

● 1 high quality blog post every week

● Move towards being zero-waste by not accepting single use plastic bags.
Done; New habit established. GOAL ACHIEVED.

● Read 2 books on my own.
I read one on my own and the other I couldn't manage. Editing Made Easy: Secrets of the Professionals by Bruce Kaplan, and Paper Towns by John Green. This goal was basically a fail.

● Attend 3 workshops or social parties
Living in an un popular timezone is really unhelpful, I wanted to make it to the Facebook Community sessions out of the Boos Girl Creative podcast but I am never at home on Thursday at 2pm. I did attend a workshop for business planning but it is not the time to be jumping into anything. This goal was a fail.

● Teach Levi blogging photography. Nope. He's been doing some stuff with his gopro but he's still not a good choice to take pictures of humans.

● Write that songwriting ebook. Na ah. How's about I work on my research project instead.

● Begin the creative obsessed podcast. What?! Did I not say I was busy? Why is this here, it's not happening till next year, if at all.

● Try 1 new method of monetising on my blog. No.

● Post to Insta on the daily. I did for a while. Then I learned that it was so not what I wanted to do, the pressure is unnecessary.

I should have realised before making the goals that this was going to be July. July is when my school work goes up and I should have taken it easy on the quaterly goals.

Podcast, ebook and blogging is aloud to be postponed until I am done with my Degree because I have assignments to focus on. I am not accepting any goals that require attention until my degree is over. So July to September was a massive fail. I'm not happy with that, but I have had some changes in my health and I didn't foresee the assignments making me stressed enough without these goals.

So what I've I got lined up for the next quater?

● Epic Jam - Get through my set having prepared my lyrics well and a miracle.

● Write my Research Report, edit it well, and pass.

● Prepare my 3 minute thesis and pass that too.

● Pass my degree

● Graduate from my degree

● Go to work, don't lose my job.

● Follow through with at least 3 party plans - listed on My Holiday Calendar

● Find my own place to live

● Keep making music after songwriting degree doesn't kill me

● Enjoy the holiday season and don't have a Quarter-Life Crisis.

Wish me luck.


Chicken Satay Stir-fry Recipe

An ideal healthy disk to make in bulk either for weekly meal prep or for a dinner party.

Serves 6

● Chicken 500g
 2 Satay flavour packets
● 1/2 Cup Peanut-butter
● 1 1/2 Cups Water
 1 Large Red Onion
 1 Red Capsicum
 2 Head of Broccoli
● Baby Green Beans 500g
● Sesame seeds to surve - Optional
● Other seasoning or spices - Optional

Meat Prep
Place chicken pieces in an open ziplock bag or between grease proof paper and hit with meat paddle or rolling pin to tenderise and to thin and even out it out for shorter cooking time.
Pat your chicken dry with paper towels, this will ensure the meat become crispy.
Coat both sided of the chicken pieces with one packet of satay seasoning by pouring it onto a plate and laying the meat in it.
Set aside.

Veggie Prep
Cut your vegetables long and thin.
Use the stalk of the broccoli, it's tasty, it's crunchy.  Ignore the way the florets naturally stick out, slice that thing like a green seedy, loaf of bread.
Onion and red pepper; cut in half and length wise.

Get your frying pan hot.

With some oil cook one side of each chicken piece until a ring around the bottom of it turns white. The other side won't need as long.

In another pan, fry up the onion on its own.

Set the onion aside and cook broccoli and the red pepper.

Cut the chicken. It's always going to work easier after it's cooked.

In a bowl of the jar of peanut butter if there's not much left, mix nut-butter, other seasonings and water.

Not hot water because the peanut butter will cook. 

Combine everything together into the larger of the frying pans and let the liquid soak into everything else.

Simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through.
Plate up with sesame seeds on top and you've got a delicious, and satisfying meal.

If you make this incredible dish don't forget to tag me in a picture.


Christmas Roundup

My Holiday Events Calendar 2017

My Holiday Events Calendar 2017

So I might seem early to some people to start thinking about Christmas but the ornaments are quickly going through my till at the department store I work at. Much to my excitement to be working in a winter wonderland, and I've been practicing my gift-wrapping all year, so bring it on. There is however a couple of other things I need to personally take care of in this whole thing so I'm going to let you all in On my calendar.

October 12th

Epic Jam Concert
A course event that I'm opening for, as part of my songwriting paper, and executive producer. If you're in the area do come along. 

October 20th

Final Research Project Due
If any songwriters want to help I need participants to a questionnaire.

October 31st

Fred & Daphne's Halloween Party
I'm on baking the treats, Levi is responsible for decorations.  

November 2nd

Beka & Levi's 3 Year Anniversary
We'll see how co-hosting Halloween party goes, it might be a disaster. Jk.

November 16th

Anual General Meeting
Something my father has taught me as an important part of running a company, get everybody caught up on the affairs, accountant, trusties, advisers et cetera. Then followed by a dinner party with cheese-cake and cheesy quiz about the business included.

November 23rd

Family Thanksgiving
Otherwise known as Turkey Day. No we've not done this before because we're not American but I'll take any excuse for yams and lil' marshmallows.

November 24th

Beka's Greet the Season Party
Radio stations are allowed to start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving, therefore in my mind the 24th of November will be the first day of Christmas. This year I will be hosting a Greet the Season party to Celebrate the official beginning of the season either on the day of, or after Putting up the Tree.
This is a nibbles and chatter style party, with important emphasis on drawing Secret Santa's among friends, to deliver at the 'Tis the Season Party later on.
I'm going to write post all about it closer to the date.

December 8th

I will finally be done with my Bachelor's Degree of Contemporary Music. Hopefully. 

December 17th

Christmas Movie Marathon with the Girls
My own friends are going to be in town for a very special wedding so it's an Ideal time to do something together.

December ?

The Christmas Work Do
Everyone has one or two of those to go to with your partner, so I thought it important to put that on the calendar.

December 23rd

'Tis the Season Party
Another party with friends because who can have enough? Be sure to copy and paste that guest list from your Greet the Season Party, or have one of them trade hosting roles. This is the opportunity to bring out your secret Santa's to make a game of it.

December 25th

Final Day of Christmas
Otherwise known as Ham Day. I love to make the extra trip to church to share the day with as many people as possible. There's presents and then dinner in the middle of the day- so crazy!

Recording Q&A

Hey guys

I want to do a question and answer session surrounding the topic of RECORDING music.

Pretty please can you think of a question to comments below.

Starter suggestion; Time, involvement, session musicians.

I wanna know what you want to know.


Performance Q&A

Hey guys

I want to do a question and answer session surrounding the topic of Performing music.

Please write any questions you might have down in the comments below, I'd love your evolvement in this.

Maybe a question about performance anxiety or setup.

I wanna know what you want to know.